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Rockin Roadster: What’s the status

Let’s see if you remember this post I wrote earlier this year. Rockin’ Roadster has been making good progress and I thought it was time for you guys to hear about the status. Our very own Allard has been working hard on his project together with a bunch of friends. The last time I told you about Rockin’ Roadster, it was simply an introduction of the project and the car was basically being dismantled and assessed to discover which parts were reusable or not. Continue reading

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Weekend Wallpaper: Winter is coming

This weekend wallpaper contains something we don’t see every day. As we all know, the Nürburgring is unpredictable when it comes to the weather conditions. We’ve been teased with some amazing winter scenes from the Nordschleife the past couple of days and I thought I’d drive over there to see it for myself. As we arrived at one side of the track, it looked like it was completely dry but the part of the track on the other side of the mountains were completely covered in snow. Continue reading

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Wangan E.O.Y 2K14 – Little moments that matter

Why do we build cars? Why do we get together for a meeting? Why do we, Wangan Warriors, organize meetings? Why do we do, what we do? For some it’s to show of their rides. For others it’s about hanging out with friends. And we organize meetings to cater the needs of both. Personally I like the latter. For one, my car isn’t exactly finished (and you can call that the understatement of the year!) but more important is the fact that I love the social side of (our) meetings and gatherings. So allow me to show you some of my favorite moments of our 2014 End of year meeting!

Continue reading

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Our EoY meet, the fifth edition

No one in his right mind would organise a car meet in november. By then, many cars are already in storage. Safely tucked away or completely disassembled for some modifications, both big and small. And don’t forget the weather. Will it be wet, cold, snowy, foggy or a combination of all these? But then again, we are car freaks. So why wouldn’t we organise a car meet in november? Continue reading

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DMPD Finest Finest

We as human beings all have our own preference – some like it hot, others like it cold. Some like bacon, others are vegetarian. Some like it stanced, others like it functional. Me? I like my bacon hot, but when it comes to cars I really like most of the sub-cultures within the automotive community, something that reflects on the DMPD events as well as you can see here and here, so allow me to show you some of DMPD finest finest! Continue reading

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Dare to be different: Murat’s Mazda RX7 FD

As I started writing the story about this Mazda, a couple of questions went through my mind. Why are some people so deeply in love with cars? Does the technology make our hearts beat faster? Did the initial impression of a certain make or model win our souls forever? Is it because we identify ourselves through some form of materialism? Or are we just funny creatures who don’t know better because everybody around us are petrolheads through and through? For me it started with a general interest for the automotive world when my friends started a car club called Wangan Warriors. My interest became both passion and love from the moment I started to capture other peoples stories with a little black box called a camera. From that point, my heart actually did beat faster when I encountered something exciting or experienced something unreal. Continue reading

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NDC Round 4: The core of German drifting

Let’s take a moment to talk about German drifting, something I wasn’t too familiar with until last weekend when I headed to NDC Round 4. The Nürburgring Drift Cup has been a growing phenomenon since the first event which was held in 2013. After the birth of drift culture in Japan it has infected numerous motorsport enthusiasts from all over the world and evidently Europe has got a taste for it as well. Finally Germany has a solid home for drifting alongside some of the bigger leagues from the UK, Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. The famous Müllenbachschleife has been the playing field for this event over the last 5 rounds and has proven to become the core of German drifting. Continue reading

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Weekend Wallpaper: NDC first moments

Day one one the Nürburgring Drift Cup has just come to an end and it’s been an intense day. Alex and myself are having a great time and we will spoil you with coverage in the coming weeks. Today was mainly a practice day and tomorrow the first qualifications and competition sessions start. We will be trackside to capture that from beginning until the very end! Continue reading

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Orange is the new black

There are days when your sitting at home, watching some stupid series about a few women in prison who think they don’t belong there, orange is the new black or something, and all of a sudden you realize that you’re bored out of your mind. I mean, who watches that crap anyway?
So what do you do? In my case I posted a shout out on my FB page if anyone had something decent to shoot and the first to reaction was a clear one from Jeroen at DBM engineering. “You have my phone number, don’t be a p*ssy and call!”
Needless to say I made the call… Continue reading

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Feature – Kevins FC3S Revisited

Historically, the colour red has always been a conduit for emotion. It can convey both love and anger, it is strong but not overpowering, bold but not over the top. Brands like Ferrari have used the color red, or Rosso Corsa as it’s called, to enhance their brand and evoke emotion from the onlookers. Mazda introduced their shade in the middle 80’s called Classic Red and it is still one of the first things that crosses your mind when you think about Mazda in that era. That and their awesome RWD sportcars that were often powered by magic triangles. Continue reading