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Feature – Kevins FC3S Revisited

Historically, the colour red has always been a conduit for emotion. It can convey both love and anger, it is strong but not overpowering, bold but not over the top. Brands like Ferrari have used the color red, or Rosso Corsa as it’s called, to enhance their brand and evoke emotion from the onlookers. Mazda introduced their shade in the middle 80’s called Classic Red and it is still one of the first things that crosses your mind when you think about Mazda in that era. That and their awesome RWD sportcars that were often powered by magic triangles. Continue reading

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Aaron’s delightful EK4

It’s time for the general Honda Civic owner to pay attention here for a few minutes. Keep in mind that I can’t guarantee that there won’t be any form of jealousy generated by looking at this EK4 because I’m about to showcase a beauty. We already knew that the British scene has some absolute showstoppers to offer and I can only point out that I’m happy that so many of them decide to cross the puddle to visit our events. I’ve been following this EK since we covered Hondafest earlier this year and contacted the owner so that we could do a photoshoot the next time we meet. Continue reading

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DMPD Finest: A perfect weekend

DMPD. An organization that by now is well known within the European car community for presenting some of the finest car shows one can attend. DMPD is a synonym for perfection and exclusivity, and yet also for a laid back atmosphere, hanging with your mates and enjoying that what we all love so dear; Cars.
There was a shockwave of disappointment when the announcement was made that there would be no DMDP main event this year. Fortunately for us there was still one DMPD event on the calendar; DMPD Finest! Continue reading

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DMPD Finest: From ghost town to paradise

Imagine this for a second: You’re living in a village which is almost completely abandonded and left to dilapidate by your governement for many years. You’ve been living there most of your life, if not your entire life and you’re being forced in all kinds of ways to leave your home because of an industrial plan which will affect your village in a way you don’t want – demolition. This is exactly the case with a small place called Doel. Doel is an East Flemish village situated on the leftbank of the Schelde river just outside the harbour of Antwerp in Belgium. Continue reading

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King of Europe – The Final Battle

Despite being less than a month ago, it already feels like some time since I was last behind the lens, I can only put this down to the fact that this has been a crazy year for me. I decided early on that there were several events I would need to attend before it was over, and I tried my best to make this happen. Some things didn’t happen due to other commitments, however others did, and these have provided some amazing opportunities. Let me hit the rewind button… Continue reading

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A Hairdressers Perspective – Introducing Bop Westerduin

私は床屋だ、これは私の車です. Not really though, but it is best to not take ourselves too seriously in this hobby. Or in life. It is my personal opinion that when you are open to different people, tastes and cultures you meet a lot of interesting people and stumble upon a lot of interesting thing. “What has this guy smoked that makes him ramble like this?”, you might ask. Well nothing to be honest, but this look at life is indirectly responsible for me sitting here writing this first paragraph. And everyone knows first paragraphs are always the hardest. Therefore, let me no longer bore you with my profoundness and allow me to introduce myself first. Continue reading

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Nurburgring Drift Cup – Pushing the Limits

The last couple of months went by so fast I can’t even remember what I did during all those weeks. I travelled a lot, that’s for sure, and even to a track I never visited before. Maurice and I went to the 24H of Zolder in Belgium a few weeks ago as guests of a team and it was great to visit an event as a visitor for the first time in years.
Continue reading

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Drift Allstars Round 6: Taking over the streets of Kaunas.

For one last time in 2014 the Drift Allstars circus would descend upon a town, turning it into their home for the weekend – Kaunas in Lithuania would set the stage for the series finals. With all the drivers still hungry for a podium finish and the overall championship still up for grabs for a select few, the street track would prove to be the ultimate setting for this day of judgement. Continue reading

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Nurburgring Drift Cup – Where diversity rules

In my article about the first round of the Nurburgring Drift Cup 2014 I told you something about how I ended up at the first round of this year’s championship. And well, I got hooked. The track, the smell of tyre smoke, the screaming engines, I was in heaven and when I arrived back home I immediately decided I had to go there another time.
Continue reading

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BDC Round 4 – Smoke on the Water

It seems like just a few days ago since I was stood on the side of the track at Teesside for Round 3. I remember wondering just how long I was going to have to stand, soaked out of my skin with the rain hammering down on me before we could enjoy what drifting is best known for – turning any place imaginable into a huge smoke pit. Continue reading