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Quick stop at JB-Tuning

So here is something I’ve been wanting to share with you guys for a while. A few weeks ago I shared this Work in progress article and told you a little something about our very own Allard’s Rockin’ Roadster. After I captured Allard’s Roadster, he took me to visit JB tuning which was only a 20min drive from his place so I thought it was cool to meet some new faces and discover some projects. Little did I know how awesome the place would be. Continue reading

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Purity of the 260Z

Say what you want, but there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a classic like the 260Z Datsun being threated well and given a personal style. There is some true dedication, motivation and liveliness needed to rebuild a car from scratch and revise or renew every single part possible. I never had such sense of discipline for a car and that might sound weird from a (mainly) automotive photographer, but I’d rather capture other builders craftmanship. Continue reading

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Work in progress: Rockin’ Roadster

Rockin’ Roadster, the latest Wangan Warriors project is born and will be built by our very own passionate Allard van Grafhorst. Let’s just say although this project is in its early hours, I can tell you first hand that it will kick ass! The good people at I.L. Motorsport provided Allard with an old MX5 shell which must be the best Christmas present a gearhead can get. Last Saturday I decided to pay Allard a visit at his family’s workshop and see what he was up to. Continue reading

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Holy Datsun

Every once in a while we come across amazing projects, projects which we usually don’t find very easily but I have the feeling that this has changed. Lately it seems we’re on top of things and we’re bringing you some of the most exclusive stuff we’ve ever shot; don’t you agree? Well it’s indeed quite easy for me to say, because I know what our bloggers are up to in the coming weeks and months. With Allard covering the immaculate S14 in the Raising The Bar series and the masterly Soarer of Albin Droogsma, I’m happy to follow that up with something we don’t see every day either. And no, this is not the last of it because our very own Alex will share some grandiose work as well. Just sit tight! Continue reading

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Raising the bar: Meet the Droogsma’s!

You know that feeling when you witness something special for the first time? It penetrates your senses where it leaves a permanent desire. A desire that needs to be fed, that grows over time. It makes you curious and you start a hunt to feed that desire. It’s like a drug because if you’re not careful it will become an addiction.
I guess I haven’t been careful enough because my desire has turned into a full fledged addiction!  Continue reading

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Your daily Miata

I find it hard to define our scene at the moment. It’s growing and changing and the daily drivers are becoming more impressive by time. The amount of people who now drive around with such lowness and/or performance parts on a daily basis doesn’t seem to be that strange anymore. In fact it’s quite normal these days. It might be just me who thinks of it this way but still things are changing. Continue reading

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Introducing Daniël’s Aristo: I was born on a mountainside

Allow me to introduce our newest Wangan Warriors member, Daniël Waare and his Toyota Aristo. If I recall correctly it was Super Sunday 2011 at the Zandvoort circuit when I first laid eyes on this impressive piece of machinery. At that time I had no idea how his project would evolve or who the owner was. In fact, Daniël, were you the owner back then? Nonetheless we are absolutely honoured and pleased with his presence in our cosy car club. I wanted to take everybody through a little journey from my first acquaintance with Daniël until the fun moments we already had in the past few months. Continue reading