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Aaron’s delightful EK4

It’s time for the general Honda Civic owner to pay attention here for a few minutes. Keep in mind that I can’t guarantee that there won’t be any form of jealousy generated by looking at this EK4 because I’m about to showcase a beauty. We already knew that the British scene has some absolute showstoppers to offer and I can only point out that I’m happy that so many of them decide to cross the puddle to visit our events. I’ve been following this EK since we covered Hondafest earlier this year and contacted the owner so that we could do a photoshoot the next time we meet. Continue reading

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Raising the bar: Dr. Frankenstein’s Miata

A while ago I drove to a remote part of The Netherlands. A part where they speak a funny language called Frisian, where space is abundant and where two brothers are building awesome cars. I went there to shoot one of those cars, an awesome Suzuki Swift with a Honda heart transplant and an attention to detail that was mind boggling.
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Supra with a Ridox jacket

There are people who love the attention, live for the fame and hope their car is captured in every shot taken at an event. On the other hand we have those that will not appear at shows at all nor do they spam their projects except on one, or maybe two carforums. Both of those people have every right to do whatever they want. The first person might provide us with awesome photos and video material shot by some of the best photographers of our scene and the latter just surprises us when we least expect it. Continue reading

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Work in progress: Preserving a Hakosuka

We work hard. We work to provide for our families, pay our mortgage or to maintain our passions. I’m no exception. I’m just your average Joe with a passion for cars and cameras and I have the great pleasure of combining those two, here, on our humble blog. It’s mostly during the late hours of the day that I’m working on my passions, either browsing the web for my next subject or working on my own subject. But sometimes life gives you lemons. And when it does it’s best to make some fine lemonade! Continue reading

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Quick stop at JB-Tuning

So here is something I’ve been wanting to share with you guys for a while. A few weeks ago I shared this Work in progress article and told you a little something about our very own Allard’s Rockin’ Roadster. After I captured Allard’s Roadster, he took me to visit JB tuning which was only a 20min drive from his place so I thought it was cool to meet some new faces and discover some projects. Little did I know how awesome the place would be. Continue reading

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Purity of the 260Z

Say what you want, but there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a classic like the 260Z Datsun being threated well and given a personal style. There is some true dedication, motivation and liveliness needed to rebuild a car from scratch and revise or renew every single part possible. I never had such sense of discipline for a car and that might sound weird from a (mainly) automotive photographer, but I’d rather capture other builders craftmanship. Continue reading

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Work in progress: Rockin’ Roadster

Rockin’ Roadster, the latest Wangan Warriors project is born and will be built by our very own passionate Allard van Grafhorst. Let’s just say although this project is in its early hours, I can tell you first hand that it will kick ass! The good people at I.L. Motorsport provided Allard with an old MX5 shell which must be the best Christmas present a gearhead can get. Last Saturday I decided to pay Allard a visit at his family’s workshop and see what he was up to. Continue reading

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Swift simplicity

A few years back I visited a big car event with a few guys from the now defunct Grunnmeet car club. Just a few months prior to that, two brothers introduced themselves on the forum of that club and they said they would come too. And on the day of the event they showed up in an old Suzuki Swift, with a very tiny one litre engine.
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Holy Datsun

Every once in a while we come across amazing projects, projects which we usually don’t find very easily but I have the feeling that this has changed. Lately it seems we’re on top of things and we’re bringing you some of the most exclusive stuff we’ve ever shot; don’t you agree? Well it’s indeed quite easy for me to say, because I know what our bloggers are up to in the coming weeks and months. With Allard covering the immaculate S14 in the Raising The Bar series and the masterly Soarer of Albin Droogsma, I’m happy to follow that up with something we don’t see every day either. And no, this is not the last of it because our very own Alex will share some grandiose work as well. Just sit tight! Continue reading