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DMPD Finest Finest

We as human beings all have our own preference – some like it hot, others like it cold. Some like bacon, others are vegetarian. Some like it stanced, others like it functional. Me? I like my bacon hot, but when it comes to cars I really like most of the sub-cultures within the automotive community, something that reflects on the DMPD events as well as you can see here and here, so allow me to show you some of DMPD finest finest! Continue reading

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Happy 8-6 day: Arams Levin notchback

Imagine this: you are at a birthday party and at some point during the evening the topic changes to cars. Everyone around the table is bragging about the in-car-entertainment system in their lease Polo and the speed of their Tiptronic gearbox, and then all eyes turn to you.
What do you say? Blue 2-door Toyota Corolla, 16 inch alloys, 4-cil engine with little creature comforts… not exactly the stuff of legends right? Right? Continue reading

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Your daily Miata

I find it hard to define our scene at the moment. It’s growing and changing and the daily drivers are becoming more impressive by time. The amount of people who now drive around with such lowness and/or performance parts on a daily basis doesn’t seem to be that strange anymore. In fact it’s quite normal these days. It might be just me who thinks of it this way but still things are changing. Continue reading

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Unadulterated S15

A few months ago, some of the Wangan Warriors decided to drag me along on their trip to the Nürmeet 2013. During one of the days there, we spotted a nice S15. Quickly I went over to the owner and asked him if he’d be up for a photoshoot… Needless to say, he was. A lovely tour through the Eifel was planned for that day, so were were a bit short on time. Luckily I was able to spend enough time with this very clean and proper JDM Silvia to capture some photos of it. Continue reading

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A rather clean Civic

Something was wrong with me for a very long time. Some of my friends would now say that I’m still weird but that’s a different story. For quite some time I wasn’t enormously fond of Honda Civics and to be very honest I don’t think I have a clear explanation why. When I was looking around for my first car it had to be affordable, fun to drive and have some potential to modify. And I apologize already but Honda Civic was the first to be scratched off my list. Continue reading

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Spotlight: An immaculate Integra DB8

We at Wangan Warriors are constantly on the look out for fresh content for the blog. Often we are on the lookout at meetings or events to pick the cream of the crop for a shoot but sometimes events unfold themselves not as you would expect. In this case I stumbled upon Robin’s immaculate DB8 via Facebook. I saw one single photo and I just knew I had to get this car in front of my lens! Continue reading

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Car feature: A real Bippu bosu!

As a worshiper of the JDM lifestyle I absorb anything that comes from Japan. And I do mean ANYTHING! It’s a good thing that a lot of people with Japanese cars are staying true to the Japanese way of modifying but what really gets my heart racing is seeing a car in Holland that looks like it came straight from, let’s say, Daikoku Futo. And let me tell you, this car got my pulse racing for sure! Continue reading

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Spotlight: Bjorn’s beautiful monster

Every now and again you come across a car that leaves a lasting impression. It can be love at first sight for many reasons. In this case Bjorn’s car is one of my favorites just because it’s a complete allrounder. You might know this Nissan 200SX S14A as the ex Falken drifter / Time Attack ride of Lennard Wander. But Bjorn decided it was time for a fresh new look once he bought it from Lennard. Continue reading