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Crossing the Channel with a GTR

Every time I step into a new adventure I’m wondering what the final result will be of what I’ve captured and how close it comes to my satisfaction. Usually I have some sort of a plan because my regular work for Wangan Warriors is fairly limited to car features or event coverage. I can tell you that it gets easier every time I’m going out there shooting but I was a little insecure about the adventure I had lying in front of me. Purely how I would approach it photographically. Continue reading

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Quick stop at JB-Tuning

So here is something I’ve been wanting to share with you guys for a while. A few weeks ago I shared this Work in progress article and told you a little something about our very own Allard’s Rockin’ Roadster. After I captured Allard’s Roadster, he took me to visit JB tuning which was only a 20min drive from his place so I thought it was cool to meet some new faces and discover some projects. Little did I know how awesome the place would be. Continue reading

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Weekend Wallpaper: Time Attacking Evo

It’s been a while, so it’s about time we provide you with another lovely wallpaper!

This time it features the awesome Mitsubishi Evo 9 GT of Richard Marshall, during the first round of 2014 of the Toyo Tires Time Attack on Circuitpark Zandvoort.
The photo was even taken during his actual hotlap, at the end that lap he secured the second place in the Extreme class, the fastest class of the Time Attack series. Continue reading


Let’s do this WNGN-thing

It always surprises me when a group of people is capable to achieve something they set out to achieve. As the preparations of #WNGN are in full swing I’m starting to realize how far we came with something what once was a little car club of only a hand full of people. Of course we have a great group of supporters surrounding our club and the entire scene backing us up at all times. Knowing this, we were confident to host a big event. But let me tell you, it’s getting bigger than we’ve ever dreamed of! Last week we organised a litte promotion meeting to do some photoshoots and filming to promote the event. This was a great succes and we had a lot of fun so what kind of blogger would I be not to share those experiences with you nice folks. Continue reading

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#WNGN is coming

Allow me to tell a little story about how we ended up organising a big event like WNGN. It crossed everyone’s minds before to host a big event with Wangan Warriors. We’ve even made plans in the past and worked out ideas to host something bigger than our regular meets. After teaming up with the organisation of DMPD and hosting Wangan meets which were visited by hundreds of people, it was about time to start organising the biggest Japanese static car event possible. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of visiting one of our meets you’ll probably think you have an idea what to expect but let me tell you that we’re aiming higher than your expectations! Continue reading

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2K13 recap – A hell of a ride!

2013 was no different for me than for anyone else. Changes, decisions, choices, a fork in the road. Call them what you want but we all have to make them, positive or negative. As far as photography and blogging goes, 2013 was a year with a couple of major decisions! I made the hard choice to leave 7Tune for various reasons and made the rather easy one of joining Wangan Warriors. Two choices I both don’t regret! Continue reading

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Hi everybody, all the best wishes for the new year! What you are about to read next is my guestblog for Wangan Warriors. My name is Mathieu van den Oever and I’m a former skateboarder who, due to his injuries, replaced one addiction on four wheels for another. As part of my love for cars and racing in general I picked up photography and slowly started to create some videos on the side to capture the automotive lifestyle. When I’m not behind the camera you can find me messing around with my Mazda Miata racecar or rebuilding an old GoKart which I recently purchased with my brother. Continue reading

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2K13 captured

As each year is coming to an end I always have the feeling that I didn’t shoot enough, haven’t met so many new people and didn’t make the progress I was hoping for. I think I’m quite happy to say that this year was different. Different in many ways because a lot has changed over the past 12 months in every aspect of Wangan Warriors. Going through the material I’ve captured this year it made me realise how fast time went and how fast things changed. Continue reading