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Drift Allstars Round 6: Taking over the streets of Kaunas.

For one last time in 2014 the Drift Allstars circus would descend upon a town, turning it into their home for the weekend – Kaunas in Lithuania would set the stage for the series finals. With all the drivers still hungry for a podium finish and the overall championship still up for grabs for a select few, the street track would prove to be the ultimate setting for this day of judgement. Continue reading

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Nurburgring Drift Cup – Where diversity rules

In my article about the first round of the Nurburgring Drift Cup 2014 I told you something about how I ended up at the first round of this year’s championship. And well, I got hooked. The track, the smell of tyre smoke, the screaming engines, I was in heaven and when I arrived back home I immediately decided I had to go there another time.
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BDC Round 4 – Smoke on the Water

It seems like just a few days ago since I was stood on the side of the track at Teesside for Round 3. I remember wondering just how long I was going to have to stand, soaked out of my skin with the rain hammering down on me before we could enjoy what drifting is best known for – turning any place imaginable into a huge smoke pit. Continue reading

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Drift Allstars Round 4: Turn it up to eleven.

As a photographer you’re continuously trying to one-up yourself. You keep trying to challenge yourself in new ways and get even better at what you do. In this quest for improvement, you also try to look for events that will help you express your creativity and that will allow you to create exciting images. It was during this quest that I found myself in Riga, where the 4th round of the Extreme Drift Allstars was set to take place. Continue reading

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Weekend Wallpaper: N24

It’s been a while since we last shared a nice Weekend Wallpaper right? Well a few of our crewmembers such as myself visited the N24 this year and captured some material which will probably not be used for blog content but more so for our personal portfolios. I figured there are loads of Nürburgring fans out there so I hope this Nissan GTR is a nice sight for your desktop. Continue reading

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BDC Round 3: JDM Appreciation

It was time again to hit the road and travel to one of the further locations on the British Drift Championship calendar for me. Prior to this I had never visited Teesside, but I’d heard a lot of good things and couldn’t wait to take on the challenge of trying somewhere new. Some events are worth travelling five hours for, and I was convinced that Round 3 was going to be one of them.
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The grass is always greener on the other side

Living in Holland has it’s advantages when you’re into cars and motor sports. The famous Nürburgring is just a couple of hours away, Spa Francorchamps is practically around the corner, Le Mans is just a 6 hour drive and if you want you can hop on a plane and you’re in England in just 45 minutes. Seeing as we, Wangan Warriors,  are car guys at heart, we opted for the only right way to visit the latter: By car! Continue reading

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King of Europe: Battle for the Throne

During the off-season I find myself eagerly awaiting certain fixtures to appear in the motorsport calendar. I had set myself a promise that King of Europe would be on my “to do” list for 2014, and I was determined to make that happen. Then, the fixtures arrived and I had never expected to see my local circuit right here in the UK pop up as a destination for the first time. As you can imagine I was quite thrilled to say the least!
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This is Gatebil

Buckle up boys and girls, grab your helmets and brace yourselves because we’re about to show you an event the Wangan Warriors way. I’m pumped with excitement to present another event through my viewfinder and this time it’s not a regular show that we find in the Lowlands. We’re taking you to a place where people wear viking helmets, a place where people burn more rubber in one track session than the entire Middle East in one year and a place where army tanks are decor of a car event. No, we’re not in Iraq, this is Gatebil! Continue reading