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Mimms Honda day 2016

People often ask my why I drive all the way to the UK for a car event. Aren’t there any events closer by? Is it worth the long trip? To be short: yes, it is worth the trip! The scene in the UK is much bigger compared to our scene in the Netherlands and there is a lot to see. Me and my friend Kenneth jumped in the Honda Aerodeck and went to Mimms Honda day, a trackday for Honda’s only.

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Wide & Fast! Dave’s M&M Honda Racing Integra.

Everyone knows this feeling; you’re at a car event and you’re just looking around but all you see is a lot of cars that would look lovely in an Autostyle folder. Just when you’re about to think all is lost, you’ll find that one car that makes your day and fall in love instantly. Well this is my story about Hondafest and especially about this M&M Honda Racing DC5 Integra. Continue reading


Mimms Honda Day 2015 – End of season finale

During a lazy weeknight, I was browsing on Facebook wasting some time when I saw a message from a buddy of mine who was looking for a co-driver to join him on a trip to Mimms. It caught my attention, I’ve never been to England before and I was curious to see this event and also to see how the UK scene compares to the Netherlands. I had over 25 days of holiday left from work to spare, so I said to myself “Why the hell not?!”. We cruised down to Duinkerke to get the boat to Dover, it was a crazy moment when coming to the French border with the current police and military presence. They stood there with automatic guns after all the drama which has unfortunately unfolded during the past few weeks. Continue reading


Spotlight: An immaculate Integra DB8

We at Wangan Warriors are constantly on the look out for fresh content for the blog. Often we are on the lookout at meetings or events to pick the cream of the crop for a shoot but sometimes events unfold themselves not as you would expect. In this case I stumbled upon Robin’s immaculate DB8 via Facebook. I saw one single photo and I just knew I had to get this car in front of my lens! Continue reading


Weekend Wallpaper: Four door ITR

As you might have noticed, we have a lot going on at the moment. Almost every weekend one of our crewmembers is out shooting and we’ve got quite some stuff planned ahead. We’re trying to deliver a weekly blog and wallpaper and we have been able to be consistent with our posts. There are some changes coming but I can only reveal one just yet! We’re expanding the crew again with one international photographer who will be joining the Wangan Warriors blog crew very soon and he will introduce himself shortly! Continue reading


Car feature: Impressive SiR-G

What we have here is a nice blend of JDM, OEM, a little USDM look, loads of stance, some flushness and above all character. I’ve never met Rajesh Mannoesingh before our photoshoot with his Integra but for some reason it didn’t feel like a first meeting. I checked out the car before on various social media channels and at the Kick-off meeting in Amersfoort. I fell in love with it after Rajesh put new wheels on it and at that time it all fell in one place and it convinced me to contact Rajesh for a photoshoot. Continue reading