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Postcard from Japan

What better place to get a postcard from than Japan right? Our club member Paul has made the trip to the land of the rising sun and was kind enough to send us a couple photos. We’ll try and get a little travel report for you guys by the time Paul is back but for now you’ll have to do it with these pictures from the famous Star Road workshop. Continue reading


Guest blog: Japan 2015 – A family affair

What’s up fellas? You may know me as the guy with the BNR32 with the 16 inch BBS that’s been attending several Wangan Warrior meets and events. More likely however is that you don’t know me at all, so here it goes:
I’m Alex from farmofminds.com, FOM in short, and I’m here to tell you about my recent trip to Japan and all the things it involved. The idea behind the trip was a men only holiday with cars, racetracks, food and karaoke. So I grabbed my dad and my brother and we organized a 10 day vacation in the land of the rising sun and crammed as many activities into those days as we could. Continue reading