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Not the prettiest Evo you’ve seen

This is one of those cars… you like it or you find it hideous. If you follow the Dutch Time Attack championship, this car should be familiar. Insane aerodynamics, flashy colours and always at the top of the leaderboard. But why did he modify it like this, you ask? The owner, Richard Marshall, had a very good reason!
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Feature: Suzuki Baleno

When I tell people I often visit races to or track days where friends are going to race they always ask me “that’s a very expensive hobby, isn’t it?” And I always tell them that it can be as expensive as you want. The occasional track day can be done with a completely stock and very cheap car, when I visited the TT Circuit in Assen in The Netherlands to shoot the photos for this blog I even saw an old Peugeot 205 driving a few laps! Continue reading