10th anniversary – Introducing WNGN snapback

A couple of weeks ago I got a call from Noud to invite me for a small Wangan Warriors meeting with a special surprise. Without any doubt I packed my gear and went for a cruise to the beautiful landscapes of Limburg in the south of the Netherlands. On the way down there was rain falling down but luckily that cleared very fast.


Slowly everybody joined at the parking lot and parked their cars. The people who joined us brought a wide variety of cars; from a Toyota 1000 to a very low Honda Prelude to a 4-door Nissan Skyline. Meeting new people, having a nice dinner, taking photo’s and enjoying the weather; it was a very relaxed atmosphere.


And then the surprise; this year we celebrate our 10th anniversary and therefore we made a batch of limited edition WNGN-snapbacks. There are two colour combo’s available; grey/grey and burgundy/black/green. Is it possible to order one? If you come to our next event (yet to be planned) you can buy one!


After some more chatting and photographing we went for a beautiful sunset drive. From the landscapes of Limburg to having a blast on the autobahn in Germany, enjoying our Japanese gems to the fullest. A perfect ending of an awesome saturday evening with friends.


I would like to thank Noud for organising a nice evening and everybody who joined! Keep an eye out on our facebook page for our next event, especially if you are interested in our new snapback!

– Stijn van Beek

Bonus images:

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