2K13 captured

As each year is coming to an end I always have the feeling that I didn’t shoot enough, haven’t met so many new people and didn’t make the progress I was hoping for. I think I’m quite happy to say that this year was different. Different in many ways because a lot has changed over the past 12 months in every aspect of Wangan Warriors. Going through the material I’ve captured this year it made me realise how fast time went and how fast things changed.


Let me start by thanking a few individuals who were a big part of my year and whom all had a large share of bringing joy to 2013 for me. These people keep me motivated and inspired to try and push boundaries and keep doing what I do and love, being a photographer


You all know Alex by now. I don’t know a more humble photographer than him and sometimes I think he’s to busy for his own good. But out of the blue he drops a photoshoot along with some amazing words which I always get a little jealous of. Repeatedly he manages to shoot and write about things I’ve missed and which I sometimes don’t even care about until I read Alex’ work. You’re one magnificent wizard my brother!


Where has time been? I’m surprised that Allard only has been blogging for us since May this year which I of course knew, but didn’t really give it any thought until now. Before that, I had the feeling for a long while that my dear friend wasn’t happy at the place where he was but I didn’t want to get in his way or influence him. After he decided to leave the big 7, I wanted to get him on board with us sooner than later. We’re happy to have you!


We’ve only met less than half a year ago but it already feels like an eternity of friendship to be honest. When Alex introduced me to Maurice at DMPD2013 I was interested in his work and soon found out there was no time to waste and get this talent on the Wangan train as well. Here we are, a diverse group of photographers with each their own qualities and personal styles.


There is no war I woudn’t fight without this handsome man backing us up. Rob is responsible for the entire website you’re currently viewing. He was able to give Wangan Warriors a virtual place to share information through and gave us photographers the best stage to perform our creativity on. I’m deeply thankful for that every time I visit the website!


Yes we have our ups and downs and do not always think or act on the same level but at the end of the day we came out better than before. We all strive to be better and that’s all we can do and I believe we’re on the right track here.


My loyal Canon 450D served me well for over three years and halfway through 2013 I felt it was time to upgrade to a fullframe camera. That was the best decision I made this year if I may say so. Much more shooting comfort and much more pleasure when seeing the RAW results. I’ve got quite some clicks ahead of me and I already know that each and every one of them will be an extension of me and my camera.


If it wasn’t for this wheel cleaning, dodgy watch wearing, ridiculous S13 driving guy I would probably not have met the people I’ve met over the years. Noud was the one who dragged me kicking and screaming into the Wangan Warriors cave which I now call home.


It’s also a joy to have quite some cool cars surrounding me so that I can go shoot whenever I feel like. This brought me to a fun impromptu sunset photosessions and these are the moments I enjoyed this year. You can plan a trip or event but nothing matches up to those spontaneous moments where you sometimes shoot your best work without even noticing it.


This was one of those moments I was happy that I usually bring my camera everytime I know someone is working on his car. I’ve recently joined a photoproject called Cuvinisme which was founded by Swedish photographer Arslan Golić and it shows the humans behind the machines. Photos like these represent that concept and I’m looking forward where it will take us in 2k14.


Every now and then I found myself in the workshop of Co-ordSport and I always seem to manage to come home with a few shots I’m satisfied with. I was capturing a quick Instagram shot with my Iphone from this point of view but soon realised I was armed with the 5D so captured the GTR a little better than my phone did.


The last time I was there I was offered to make a test drive in the official HKS demo GT86 which was a nice experience. Masaya Yumeda from HKS was kind enough to let me go for a gentle run on the local motorway. I know it isn’t winning the lotery but it’s a nice way to spend your afternoon.


It’s nice to occasionally have those opportunities and come to think, I wanted to look back briefly to another awesome experience. At the DMPD track day, the organisation made it possible for us to shoot cars on track. I’ve seen photographers hanging out of cars with their camera and I always wanted that to be me. So here we were, my fellow shooters Allard and Alex and myself shooting out of a Toyota Prius on the Zandvoort circuit.


While we’re on a DMPD note here, I also wanted to review another awesome weekend in August and that was the DMPD main event in Ede. I enjoyed meeting a few members of the Speedhunters crew who offered me a guestblog earlier this year which might have been the the most unexpected yet exciting offer this year.


I enjoyed seeing that a group of Wangan Warriors members actively participated in the organisation and yet don’t claim their share but their commitment is highly appreciated and admired, know that! I’m excited what DMPD will bring us for 2014.


As I said before it was a year of change for the club and a year of growth as well. We’ve welcomed Daniël Waare to the Wangan family with his stunning Toyota Aristo. Again a case of immediate fellowship as if we knew each other for years.


I enjoyed seeing people enjoy themselves and that might sound a little weird but I can really relish other peoples joy and passion for their projects. For example our good friend Robin Sluijter who is now driving in one of our country’s most amazing cars, his ’75 Datsun 260z.


There is actually one thing I do regret. I have the feeling that I didn’t spend so much time in the German Eiffel compared to other years. I missed the famous German Nürmeet which Maurice covered this year and I didn’t have too many spontaneous trips over there.


I’ve also been struggling with a personal photoproject about the Nordschleife which I didn’t work on enough this year. I haven’t thought out what to do actually but I think a descent season shooting at and near the Nürburgring surely is required to gather new and unseen material. We’ll see from there.


The last big track event I attended was European Time Attack Masters at the Zandvoort circuit and surprisingly I shot some of my best work of this year during the event. That brings me to this motorsports portrait of Cor Euser. For me it’s my favourite shot and I consider it one of my best photographs of 2013.

I’m not going to impose to much on myself or set goals to achieve for the next year. Let’s just wait and see what 2014 will bring, this year was fun so far.

Rens Adams