Aaron’s delightful EK4

It’s time for the general Honda Civic owner to pay attention here for a few minutes. Keep in mind that I can’t guarantee that there won’t be any form of jealousy generated by looking at this EK4 because I’m about to showcase a beauty. We already knew that the British scene has some absolute showstoppers to offer and I can only point out that I’m happy that so many of them decide to cross the puddle to visit our events. I’ve been following this EK since we covered Hondafest earlier this year and contacted the owner so that we could do a photoshoot the next time we meet.


As I’ve never been turned down by somebody for shooting a feature on Wangan Warriors, I was really exited for this one in particular now that I knew I could shoot the shit out of it at DMPD Finest. We arrived early in the morning to scout for photo locations and I knew immediately that the deserted village Doel had crazy amounts to offer.


“If you don’t look over your shoulder every time you’ve parked your car, you haven’t bought the right car”. Meet Aaron Gemmel. He’s a West-London bloke who’s crossed the English Channel more than once to visit events on the mainland of Europe. Let’s hope he’ll keep doing that in the future because his EK attracts major attention everywhere he goes. People who are willing to make those trips everytime for the grace of supporting events like DMPD Finest should take pride in what they do, and they deserve a little extra attention.


Aaron should be proud of what he’s achieved with the EK, and it’s more than appropriate that we share his story with the world. I found probably the only calm spot left in the entire village and I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes when Aaron’s entire crew followed us over there and a huge amount of photographers joined the photo session.


I usually try to have as little distraction as possible in the background during a feature photoshoot but I knew quite early that this wouldn’t be possible. It summed up just how much attention the car got through the entire day and kept me focusing while I was composing my shots.


Like every project, it all has to start somewhere right? Aaron’s journey began when he bought his EK4 from a mate of his in April 2013. His first intentions were to clean it up a little and use it just as a daily driver after being off the road for over a year. Just like any car nut, he started doing research for parts and looking for a like-minded group of people to ask for advice. He got hooked on it all and the the build started.


He started with some basic and subtle modifications but it soon became a complete facelift for the car. The first big step was the complete respray in Aqua Mint Opel. I don’t generally see this colour very often and I believe it’s a great fit and one of the most striking marks of the EK4.


Aaron fell in love with the involvement with the whole stance scene in the US. That was the look he wanted to go for and he started messing around with the ride-hight, camber settings, wheel offset and different kind of wheel models to find that perfect fitment which he desired. However it still wasn’t entirely what he was looking for and he then decided to go for the custom CCW LM16s with deep dishes and low offsets.


The static lifestyle came to an end after the lips and arches took a beating every time the car went on a roadtrip to shows and events. Aaron wanted the best of both worlds and decided to install a Rayvern hydraulic suspension kit which solved his final problems.


We moved on from the first photo location to the second spot which was very busy as well. I took a closer look at the details of the car and realised that Aaron actually thought of everything.


I never expect people to completely wash their cars for me to shoot them. Aaron is being supported by the good people of Auto Finesse and I think it’s safe to say he’s a clean freak when it comes to maintaining the Civic. He and his Missus ensured that the car was spot on before I even snapped a shot.


Let’s take a closer look to some of the major details which make the character of the car. The interior is something quite unique to say the least. I didn’t really recognize any original parts and it really looks like Aaron put effort and thought into every single detail to have a personal and unique feel, so it would be like no other.


These Recaro CS front Seats are seriously a great fit for the car and match the modern and clean soul of the rest of the interior. Even though the car wasn’t built to do fast laps on a track, it’s always nice to see some sportier touches in the more show orientated cars. The front seats and the Type R back seat also have a custom retrim.


The entire interior has been customized as you can see. It’s again so well and nicely done that it really has an original look and feel.


The original EK4 dashboard made room for an EK9 dash, and correct me if I’m wrong but aren’t these quite hard to find?


You must love the Grip Royal “Royal Macbeth” Steering wheel with NRG snap off. The retro yet timeless style of it goes well with the rest of the stylish character of the interior.


There are for sure a couple of trademarks which really make the exterior strike and according to Aaron some parts are pretty hard to recognize at first sight. Especially the EK9 body parts which really personify the appearance of the EK4. Aaron, if you ever want to get red of that Spoon spoiler, let me know!


I always thought “All these Civics look the same”. But since I own one myself I’ve been looking around for parts to get an idea of the market and there is so much variation to work with and to stylize your Civic. I really like the look of this front lip and smoothed front bumper. No distractions or irregularities to be found.


When I wanted to open up the bonnet to see what’s going on in the engine bay, Aaron sort of tried to hide something. He said that there is nothing special going on in there, but we did find a nice surprise. Does the Missus have something to do with this maybe? Nevertheless, the B18C6 of an Integra is a nice powerplant for the EK. Aaron does have some plans to tighten up the engine bay but it already looks fine to me. I included a spec-list of the Civic at the bottom of this post so make sure you check it out if you want to know more technical details about the project.


The static part of the shoot was over and I usually include a couple of rolling shots with the more elaborate car features. That was the most tough part of the day because it’s not to easy in a Miata with stiff suspension, bumpy roads and loads of people in the streets of the village to avoid. We still managed to get some results out of it so a special thanks goes out to Alex Posthumus for helping out with his Mazda!


Aaron, I really appreciate you taking the time for us and let me rape your EK with my camera. You built your car to the point that it’s a true inspiration for people and an admirable machine to look at. I hope you enjoyed your time again on this side of the Channel and let’s try and make sure the next time we meet is in the UK. So long!



B18C6 (Integra Type R engine)
Poly engine mount inserts
AEM V2 intake system
Custom Solidfab 4-2-1 Manifold
Custom Solidfab Mani back Exhaust with n1 tip
S2000 Clutch master cylinder (polished)
Bolts-Bolts s2k CMC spacer
Bolts-Bolts Fuel Filter tuck kit
Bolts-Bolts dress up washers, bolts and spike nuts & Stainless nuts
Fibreworx Carbon plug cover
OEM rocker cover (pink powdercoat)
Chipped p30 H-tune ecu (custom map) Launch control/shift light
H-Tune 0bd2b-0bd1 conversion harness

Transmission & clutch

S80 gearbox 4.7fd LSD
Exedy stage 2 clutch
Exedy lightened flywheel
Poly linkage bushes

Mugen rep poly front lip
Ek9 rear lip
EK9 grill (boot badge glued on)
EK9 rear number plate recess
Carbon Spoon spoiler
Deleted rear wiper/badges
Smooth front bumper
Front fogs lights
Bolts-Bolts Jdm rear light conversion
Bolts-Bolts USDM amber sidelight conversion
All arches rolled and sealed
Bolts-Bolts Motorized Flip up plate holder
Fully colour coded in OEM aqua mint opel
Team Heko wind deflectors
Lots of Subtle smoothing

Recaro CS front Seats (custom trim)
Integra type R seat back and EK4 bench (custom trim)
Alcantara Headlner, door and centre arm rests and a,b,c pillars
Custom 3 way speaker pods (a pillars and doors)
Ek9 Dash, climate control, double din fasia, cupholders
Pioneer Appradio double din
300mm broadway mirror
OEM DC2 duel bend shifter & Gear knob
Grip Royal “Royal Macbeth” Steering wheel with NRG snap off
OEM Civic floor mats
Clifford Concept 650mk2 alarm
X2 12” Kicker comp subwoofers
JBL 1000w amp JBL 800w amp
Hertz 3 way component speakers & 6x9s
Leisure Battery

Rayvern Hydraulics kit
Buddy club adjustable camber arms (front)
Skunk 2 adjustable camber arms (rear)
Skunk 2 rear lower control arms (gold)
ASR chassis brace (gold)
OEM dc2 anti roll bar with extended droplinks
Password JDM 3 point strut bar
CCW LM16 wheels

Integra R 282/262 calipers
MGZR 4×100 black diamond grooved discs
Ferodo ds2500 pads
HEL brake lines