About Wangan Warriors

Wangan Warriors is a club of car fanatics which all share the same passion, Japanese sports cars, but all with a different style and attitude. We’re all about hanging out, taking the cars for a cruise and just having a great laugh.

Everything started with the launch of our Japanese car community forum back in 2009. Finally there was a place for Japanese car enthousiasts to share the passion, dedication and respect we have for our projects and eachother. The community grew steadily and small get-togethers turned into busy succesful meetings.

We started our own car blog early 2011 and have been covering some amazing events and showcased some of our country’s most beautiful projects. Over the past few years the blog crew grew into a talented essaywanted collective of photographers and writers and they represent Japanese car culture in and around the Netherlands with amazing articles, photoshoots and our social media channels.
We hope you enjoy your visit on our website and don’t forget to register on our community forum where we guarantee your satisfaction.

Wangan Warriors