Car feature: Pascal’s minty Civic

I’ve met Pascal quite recently. We don’t go far back at all but we have something in common. Not so much the type of cars we drive, or even the brand for that matter. It’s the veneer that both our cars are covered with. Pascal had a colour custom made to match his Civic and he did a great job!

Pascal must have known that his car was going to get asked for photoshoots because his license plate can be taken off just like that with the right set of tools.

And it improves the looks of the car right away! It seems to be the 2013 automotive trend to provide cars with a mint-like colour because I’ve seen it done quite a lot recently.

This shows the attention to detail that Pascal and the people who have helped him put into the car. It’s mint on the inside as well as the outside. Literally and figuratively! Yes you’ve spotted that very well! This car can be seen at Dmpd 2013 as it was selected to be parked on the indoor section.

Who would have thought that purple and mint could work so well together. Pascal pulled it off.

Most rollcages are painted to match the colour of the interior. Pascal decided to put a brushed aluminium rollcage in his Civic and although it doesn’t match, it really blends in.

To get more feedback from the car during hard cornering, it was equipped with an ASR brace to make it handle even better. When I asked Pascal if he brought it out to the track he told me that he has done some laps on the Nürburgring, but that he hadn’t done it in this car… yet. I know for myself that it’s a big step taking the car you’ve worked on with your friends for so long on the track, knowing that it can be all over just like that. Perhaps it’s better to enjoy it now for a while and proudly drive around where ever.

I won’t have to tell you that the combination of Omni Power control arms together with the ASR brace makes the rear of the car nice and rigged.

When I asked Pascal to open the bonnet he hesitated for a second. He said that it wasn’t anything special that was underneath the carbon bonnet but what’s wrong with this engine bay? Everything is neat and tidy. The strut brace matches the rollcage very well and then there’s the engine cover. How cool is that.

We decided to drive around the city for a bit where Rens took this rolling shot. Pascal lives in Germany but with only an hour driving from his city to our city, we can say he lives quite close. Locals will probably spot his car on the meets in our area in the near future.

This cul-de-sac used to be filled with traffic day in and out but with a new motorway going directly underneath our city it doesn’t do anything but provide an awesome place to take photos. Pascal mentioned that he would rather have his yellow foglights replaced with bright ones. I quite like the contrast though. What do you think?

I’ve never been a fan of these wheels but now that I’ve seen them match this Civic so wonderfully, I’m sold. They are in fact 16″ which we don’t see that often, but the overall combination with the carbon bonnet, the colour of the car and the colour of the weels is simply spot on.

We all know this wide angle rear mirror. Secretely though, I think that Pascal put it in to have a look at his rollcage and freshly painted interior once in a while during long drives on the motorway. I know I would!

Everything comes to an end, and so did this photoshoot. I never got to talk to Pascal as much as I did that evening and we had a great time.

Pascal, thank you so much for coming over to Roermond. We had a great time spending the evening with you, driving around and on behalf of Rens many thanks for being able to do a feature about your car.

Pascal also asked me if he could say special thanks to a few people who have helped him along the way of making the car into what it is now.

Thanks to his father who helped him with the many questions he had and also for working on his previous Civic. Thanks to his girlfriend for still being with him after the many hours he spent in the garage. Thanks to Gustaw for preparing the body of the car in a small and cold garage and finally thanks to Marc who helped him with all the bits and pieces.

We had a great evening Pascal and we hope you had too!

Photos by Rens Adams

Text by Noud Fieten