Car feature: That Supra and more

It has been called the Banana, monster, godzilla, beast, wild animal, yellow beauty, you name it. It already gained quite some nicknames and this Supra already went through quite a lot until this point. Tim Lust and I have history. From the moment I heard he imported the car I was stoked to do a photoshoot and a feature story on it. To be honest, that took a very long time because many things stood in our way to get to a complete story together of the number one head turner of our country.

The fist time we planned a photoshoot was at the Season kick off meeting in 2012. I wasn’t too happy with the result due to bad lightning conditions and a crappy location. So after Tim solved various technical problems on the Supra we gave the photoshoot another try and got together in the harbour of IJmuiden almost one year later. The harbour is close to his home and a cool decor to capture photos.

We parked the car next to some loading platforms of local harbour companies and to me it gave the car the image we collectively see. Its brutal, feral and violent character is what we all kind of refer to while we’re choosing nicknames for it, talk about it or even look at.

Let me take you through some of the specifications of it. Visually it is far from stock as you can see. The Zeek front bumper was a little bashed up but Tim got it fixed. At the time of the photoshoot Tim wasn’t to sure of the make of the fender flares but he supposes they are TRA kyoto’s.

Tim is trying to compete in dragraces as well as time attack so to have some downforce on the track this huge wing was mounted on it. I have to say without the spoiler it looks great as well but that’s a matter of opinion.

It still is one of its typical signatures which lots of people refer to when they share shots on the social media channels.

The necessary adjustments were done for better handling. Crux coilovers and a Cusco rollcage were installed for its stiffness and to reduce body roll.

Underneath the bonnet lies the powerfull 2JZ engine with lots and lots of upgrades. The big Greddy T78-33D turbo is the first thing that attracted my attention looking into the engine bay. I’m sure you can imagine, if you haven’t witnessed it already, what it may sound like when the engine noise roars through the Greddy exhaust manifold into the screamerpipe. It runs a solid 600+ BHP at 1.3bar and then we’re talking about safe settings. It still needs a remapping. You can find a full spec list at the bottom of this article.

To stop all that power Alcon brakes were mounted on the front and Supra twin pods at the rear. You also must notice the centrelocks, this is something you don’t see very often on street cars. It has got a Hayashi centerlock conversion and Hayashi centerlock wheels 9,5inch on the front and 10,5inch on the rear.

I waited a while with this article because I knew Tim was planning some track days and I really wanted to capture him in action on the track as well.

So on a Saturday morning I drove to the Zandvoort circuit to meet up with Tim and I planned to capture a day of joy after a long winter with barely any action and photo activity.

These spontaneous days are always fun because I never know what I’m about to capture or who I will meet during the time I’m out there. That very weekend I had the pleasure to meet a few other enthousiasts as well.

Unaware of each others presence Tim bumped into a friend, Richie Palacois, who by chance came to CPZ as well. Tim introduced us to each other and Richie immediately referred to my photography as if we had met before.

Richie was a little bit unfortunate because he nearly crashed and got stuck in the gravel next to the track. I noticed it because he didn’t pass by for a few laps but then I saw why.

As you can see the front was slightly battered but he continued his session as if nothing happened.

After a quick assessment of the damaged he did some temporary fixes and continued driving with a big smile on his face.

It was great to finally see Tim in action and as far as I could tell he had a great time and enjoyed every moment out there. The day came to an end without any technical problems and I had the feeling I had some extra pictures for the full article I had been working on.

Let me conclude with this photo. Tim hasn’t told me but during the time he had the engine problems, went back and forth to England and got disqualified from his first dragrace session because of an oil leak, I believe Tim had some sleepless nights going through that all. I was happy to have captured this shot because it shows the pleasure and hapiness of living and feeling this car again. Great enthousiasm!

I would like to thank Tim for his time for the photoshoot and I thanks him and Richie for a fun time at the Zandvoort circuit. Let’s do this again some time soon!
See you out there!

-Rens Adams

Supra Speclist:

Power: 609 pk @1.3bar (safest setting)
– Wiseco 87mm pistons
– HKS conrods
– ACL main bearings
– ACL rod bearings
– Fully balanced crankshaft
– Titan motorsports oil pump

– Greddy T78-33D turbo
– Greddy exhaust manifold
– Greddy 60mm wastegate
– Supra store fuel rail
– 10 an fuel feed line
– 8 an return line
– Fuellab regulator
– 1000cc Injector dynamics
– Bugatti veyron fuel pump
– Supra store billet fuel pump holder.
– Side mount intake
– Q45 nissan trottlebody
– 3″ intercooler piping.
– Uprated intercooler
– Rebuilded head.
– Adjustable camgears
– O.S.Giken triple plate clutch
– HKS Thermostatic oilcooler with Greddy filter relocation.
– 2,5″ screamerpipe
– 3,5 inch exhaust.
– Titanmotorsports scattershield.

– Alcon front brakes
– Supra twin pod rear brakes
– line lock for rear brakes
– Crux coilovers
– Hayashi centerlock conversion.
– Hayashi centerlock wheels 9,5 front 10,5 rear.
– Front Dunlop formula semislick 265/40/17.
– Rear Falken azenis rt-615K 275/40/17
– Abs removed
– Welded subframe bushes
– Welded diff bushes.
– Sper Diff

– Apexi power fc modified by auto select.
– Racelogic traction control
– Hks evc pro boostcontroller
– Trd 320km/h speedometer
– Trd 10.000rpm rev meter
– Hks 60 mm gauges:
Fuel pressure
Oil pressure
Water temp
Oil temp
– Hks type 1 turbotimer
– Apexi rev/speed meter incl Lap times, 0-100 times, -1/4mile times.

– Fully stripped interior
– Flocked dashboard
– Cusco rollcage
– Recaro drivers seat
– Recaro passenger seat.
– Nardi steering wheel
– Airbags removed.
– Heater removed
– Sabelt 4 point drivers harness
– Sparco 3 point harness.

– Zeek frontbumper
– Tra kyoto Fenderflares
– wide rear spoiler