Car life: Looking back and living forward

The end of every year is fun and boring at the same time and both for diffirent kind of reasons. We wrapped up the season with an End oy Year meeting with more visitors than we could have ever dreamed of. That was definitely a new milestone and an eye opener for us. We have a lot of pictures to tell stories from this past year. Some cars are in the process of becoming more amazing than they were before and others have just finished theirs. A downside of the end of the year is the winter period. That means that there is not much to do or cover out there. Luckily we capture more than we post on our blog or what we share on facebook so we can keep writing blogs. This is the first review of in which we will be looking back on 2012.

Most of the time we try to kick the season off with a meeting and if we don’t, we will cover the first time attack series of the Streetpower event. In my opinion, Time Attack is getting more and more serious compared to the previous seasons. It’s really growing to an international level. The paddocks on the other hand don’t impress me that much anymore.

I do have to share this photo once more. This is the R32 GT-R of Simon Bradford who I’ve met on a trackday at the Zolder circuit in Belgium in 2011.  He competed in the 2012 Time attack series and the Superlap during Fast Car Festval at the Zandvoort circuit with his other track prepared R33 GTST.

He invited me once for a few laps and it was the first time I actually saw a full lap of the Zandvoort circuit from inside a car. I’m a little sad that the FCF won’t be held in 2013.

This season had another great highlight. Twan van Baast of conquered the Time Attack title this year. I’m looking forward to what the team will bring in 2013. Maybe we will be following a few drivers for the blog to make the coverage more interesting.

You probably haven’t missed out on the news that DUMPd will be back in 2013. The Enka factory will once again display the most impressive cars of all scenes and styles.

We’re pretty excited of what this year will bring. Check out our DUMPd 2012 coverage once more here.

Some projects are on a hold at the moment because of the winterperiod. There still is a lot going on right now and if we have the opportunity we will try to feature some of those projects for you people.

Our fellow clubmember Rob moved to his new house with a pretty small garage. That doesn’t mean his s15 project can’t go on. After nine months his C-West GT bodykit finally arrived from Greece. So the project continues.

It never really ends to what we do with our projects. An engine failure can be a good reason to start a new project and while we’re waiting on car parts to come in, we only get more curious of what they would look like or how they will fit on the car.

Seeing an engine being built up to completion and perfection only made us more motivated to finish our projects.

In the end, everybody has his own style and taste but still with much respect for those that are different.

I have a few upgrades coming for my Miata but I’ll never be able to build it up to a stanced or track orientated car. I prefer to capture the people and projects that differ from me and each other.

It’s also cool that after being active in the automotive scene for a while you get to know a lot of interesting and helpful people.

Wouter Vallen, who manages Co-ordsport Holland has quite some great cars at his shop every once in a while. A few weeks ago he told me to come over because he had some interesting stuff in the shop. Over there I found the V-spec R34 with HKS 2.8 RB series engine where Tarzan Yamada had some fun with on the Nürburgring back in Juli ’12.

Again my best moments and photos were captured at the Nürburgring or had a relation with it.

The main thing I really look forward to is the annual German Nissan Silvia meeting near the Nordschleife. And the reason that we never really did an elaborate coverage of it, is because it’s to much drinking eating, laughing and driving. But next year we’ll try a little more for you guys!

I want to thank everyone who’ve been supportive to the club and community this year. We do get the feeling that there is a growth in the automotive community and that things are getting to much higher levels every year. Thanks for all the support and stay tuned for some more blogs!

– Rens Adams