DMPD 2015. It’s all about the good times!

If you’ve been following us over the years than you know we’re big fans of the DMPD concept. It all started back in 2012 at the Enka Factory but after two hugely successful events that location was no longer an option thanks to greedy property developers. There have been a few “smaller” events since 2013, like DMPD Chill & Grill and DMPD finest last year but still, the fact that there was no main event in 2014 left a gaping hole in hearts and minds all across Europe. It was a deliberate choice though because Inne and Michiel wanted to come back with a bang in 2015!
And boy… did they succeed!

IMG_5306 + 5329 WW

But let’s start at the beginning for DMPD 2015 because the fun already started a day early. The organization had found a nice chalet park near the venue so after arriving late in the afternoon it was time to start practicing the DMPD philosophy. Meaning we started with cambering the sh*t out of the BBQ,..

IMG_5324 WW

… enjoyed the finer things in life…

IMG_5311 WW

… but most importantly, a good time was had! I’ll spare you all the details about how the evening went down but you don’t have to be a genius to figure that out. Let’s just say the park saw a night it had never seen before.

IMG_5449 WW

After just a few hours of sleep, and a little hungover, it was finally time. Time for the one event many people had been so anxiously waiting for. DMPD 2015!
I decided to head out early to enjoy the silence before the storm.

IMG_5442 WW

The new venue is an old abandoned army base near Itterbeck in Germany, just over the border with the Netherlands. I was glad that I got there early. Not only is it a great opportunity to explore the venue…

IMG_5444 WW B&W

… but also to catch it in it’s former glory without being flooded by hundreds of cars and car enthousiasts. Places like this seem to disappear at an alarming rate, just like the Enka Factory, due to economical reasons or money hungry real estate developers which is a shame really.

IMG_5459 WW

It wasn’t long before I was rudely disturbed in my urban explorations because at exactly 10:00 AM sharp the first cars started to roll in, looking for a place to show of their pride…

IMG_5485 WW

… and it didn’t take long for the early birds to take the best spots available.

IMG_5468 WW

There wasn’t a predetermined floor plan which meant you could park about anywhere. This was also part of the DMPD philosophy because why park you car in one spot for the entire day? You want to drive to a different spot to hang out? Go ahead!

IMG_5572 WW

Want to make sure your car looks the part? Give it a quick wash or a extensive detail? Why not?

IMG_5633 WW

Take a break from all the automotive madness goodness and play some foosball with your mates? Go right ahead! Every small detail is part of a bigger picture that ensures DMPD is an everlasting concept.

IMG_5611 WW

Speaking of bigger pictures, how cool is this? A 1:1 size toybox for your car to drive through and have your picture taken!

IMG_5620 WW

I’ve never seen a dropped Civic before while I was hoarding through the matchbox bin at my local toystore but I think some toy manufacturers need to have a rethink about their model lines after seeing this.

IMG_5746 WW

And just when you think you’ve seen it all, this happens. Most carshows hire a DJ or some form of musical entertainment but I’ve never, ever, seen a marching band at a carshow before! And a pretty good one at that because they where playing the latest top 40 hits as well. As I mentioned before…

IMG_5773 WW

… it’s all in the little details, or big ones in case of the fanfare, and all those details together make the DMPD events so unique. Of course it also has something to do with all the volunteers who are more than happy to help when it comes to organising this wonderfull event! Much love for all of you, you know who you are.

IMG_5841 WW

That uniqueness makes that people from all over Europe made sure to visit DMPD 2015. Germany? Check!

IMG_5664 WW

England? Represent!

IMG_5578 WW

But a 33(!!) hour trip from Spain? Now that’s dedication! It was lovely to meet you guys and I admire your passion. I think the fact they made this trip “just” for DMPD is another statement just how big this event has become over the years.

IMG_5681 WW

And despite the fact that it has grown bigger and bigger over the years, it still retains a cosy feeling.

IMG_5938 WW

A feeling that everything goes and everything is possible.

IMG_5821 WW

But that’s exactly what DMPD 2015 was about. It’s all about the good times!

IMG_5512 WW

I managed to shoot a few features as well so expect a few favorites on the blog soon! For now, I’m going to sit back a minute and try to relive that awesome day that DMPD 2015 has been.

– Allard van Grafhorst


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