Events: DUMPd is coming for you!

Let me put my cards on the table from the get go; as far as I’m concerned DUMPd 2013 will bring a change to the Dutch car scene in a way we’ve never witnessed before. The reason for that thought is because now I realize how serious and professional the organisation is approaching it from a very early start and the large movement it creates. There is happening more than you’ll probably expect and know, but know this: DUMPD will be remembered.

There will be a series of small promotion events to promote the vibe what DUMPd is all about. The first promo meeting was held on Februari 9th in Amsterdam. Fellow warriors Peter, Wesley and I got together at Peter’s place to drive to the meetingpoint. Wesley needed to change his shoes first, so we did.

After some last minute fixes we were well on our way to Amsterdam. It felt good to hang out with the guys again. Although we all have our priorities these days and we do not have the time to get together very often, I was already enjoying myself before we even took off.

While we were on our way, I finally had the chance to take some shots of Peter’s one of a kind s13. We weren’t that fortunate with the weather but you should see this paint job in the bright sun. The flakes will blind you!

Scraping throught every little bump in the motorway we finally got to the first meeting point in Amsterdam.

We gathered with the organisation and a couple of VAG friends to do a indoor photoshoot at Garage van Vught. The owner was kind enough to be a great host and allow us to shoot in his workplace.

But first things first. I knew our club firend Robin Sluijter was working hard to get his Datsun on the road for this season. What I didn’t expect that he would make it this early.

He was invited by the organisation to participate in the promotion for DUMPd which motivated him even more to finish up the 260Z. The result is undeniable. With some small fixes on the to do list, he and his car are allready respected legends as far as I can tell.

Our member Vincent has been following the project and will provide and elaborate feature with every little detail you need to know about this unique project.

After the first drooling and catching up, the owner of the shop showed us around the place and did some welding for us to get some photo and video shots of that. Pretty Cool!

As you well know our friend Mathieu van den Oever knows a thing or two about photography and filming. He put together a great video to show you people what we were dealing with on the first promotion day of DUMPd.

Mat’ is always looking for those small detailshots which make a movie special. You will be seeing a lot more of his work in the coming year so keep your eyes open for this creative man!

The day wasn’t even half on its way and I shot so many photos and had no idea what was next. I think this shot represents the quality DUMPd stands for. Find your way to be unique in your own way no matter what you drive or what you’re working on.

Regardless the brand, type or style of you’re car, if you have that DUMPd-factor you’ll be scene.

After we were all set and done at Garage van Vught we went to an indoor parking area to meet up with a few B-boys. They will give demonstrations at DUMPd and there will be a breakdance battle as well. I love this mixing up urban scenes, great idea again of the organisation!

So we set up the cars and let these gentlemen do what they do best. More action to be seen in Mat’s movie.

It was getting late but we still had one fun activity to go, DRIFTING! Back at Garage van Vught, Dutch pro drifter Mick van Randeraat joined us and after the b-boy photo session, he took us out to a few cool driftspots in the IJmuiden industrial area.

With very limited light available, it was pretty hard to capture good shots. But in my opinion it is all about the vibe of it. Wesley, Mick and Peter had their fun, we captured it and that was it for the day.

It has been a long time that I had a great day like this and I know there are still many to follow. I know what provides that great feeling, it’s DUMPd. We’re living, shooting, driving, filming, building projects and having fun towards that day. And no, there is no stopping us!

See you out there!

– Rens Adams