Dutch Wangan Weaponry – A menacing BCNR33

The Wangan. The Bayshore route. The C1 loop. That one stretch of tarmac that pushes the imagination of those who’ve never been there to its limits. A piece of highway where legends are born and boundaries only exist to be broken. People often ask us why we call ourself Wangan Warriors. Well, see it as an homage to that legendary piece of road in Tokyo because let’s be honest. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, the real 湾岸 is that stretch of black gold in downtown 東京!

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I literally devoured every single YouTube video about the Wangan and its infamous ミッド ナイト クラブ! Or in plain English; Mid Night Club. I have been lucky enough to grasp a little Wangan experience myself when I visited Tokyo a few years ago and I’m glad I experienced the madness for myself. From Italian exotics to 1000BHP Supra’s and a lot of, and I really mean a lot, of extremely tuned GT-R32/33/34’s.

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Luckily for me, and all of us for that matter, there are some prime examples on this side of the planet that would feel right at home on the Wangan. Examples like Niels’ crispy clean, high power BCNR33 V-spec…

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… and I’m not kidding when I say high power! You know this GT-R33 means business when you see those huge Greddy TD-06 lurking under the bonnet.

IMG_8114 + 8006 + 8008 WW

But of course there’s more to this car and it’s engine than meets the eye. Only the best of the best has been used to get the RB26 engine tuned to an estimated 800+ BHP! A fully race prepped engine with polished and balanced crank, NITTO H-beam conrods, NITTO 87mm forged pistons, ACL race bearings, a fully ported and flowed head, and the list goes on and on, containing brands like Greddy, Cosworth, JUN, Nismo, HKS etc. etc. You get the idea!

IMG_7970 WW

The exterior has been kept relatively stock but then again, a stock bodied BCNR33 with the right functional stance and a nice set of shoes isn’t exactly bad looking either. And those custom gold Enkei RS05RR in 18×10.5J are quite the shoes if you ask me!

IMG_8140 + 8153 + 8057 WW

To keep things cool under the bonnet Niels opted for a set of carbon fibre ARP air ducts. Not only do they help get hot air out of the engine bay, they look pretty damn good as well! That functional stance I mentioned earlier is achieved by a set of some of the, if not the, best available for the R33; öhlins flag R coilovers! The list of a-parts continues on the inside where a set of Bride Gias seats, mated with Takata harnesses have been installed.

IMG_7979 + 8148 + 8151 WW

Nismo 320 KPH cluster, Nismo centre gauges, Top Secret shift knob, a Cusco 8 point rollcage and Apexi exhaust. The complete car is a catalogue for high end performance parts! Niels has spared no expense to make sure the car is a fine example of Dutch Wangan weaponry…

IMG_8187 WW

… but spending your money on a car is one thing, maintaining it is another. I can ensure you that Niels is quite fussy when it comes to maintenance and cleaning his beloved V-Spec. I’ve shot this car at several locations and occasions and Niels wouldn’t let me start before he had cleaned the car.

IMG_8370 WW

But rest assured, the car isn’t a show queen either! She gets her fair share of abuse, but isn’t that exactly the purpose of a build like this?

IMG_8135 WW

One thing is for sure though, the time I have spent with Niels and his pride and joy really reminded me of the Wangan and it’s utterly mental inhabitants…

IMG_8144 + 8145 WW

… and it’s a reassuring thought that although the C1 loop is thousands of miles away from where I write this blog, shoot my photos and live my life…

IMG_8289 WW

…that about 15 miles from my home, there is some true Dutch Wangan Weaponry to be found!

– Allard van Grafhorst

Make sure to check the bonus images after the spec list:

Engine / Enginebay
Polished/Balanced crank
NITTO H-beam conrods
NITTO 87mm forged pistons
NITTO high volume oil pump
NITTO RB head drain
Cosworth headgasket
ARP main studs
ACL race bearings
Trust sump extension
Nismo N1 water pump
Ross T crank damper
Head ported and flowed
JUN inlet/exhaust cams
JUN race valve springs
JUN TI valve retainers
Polished inlet/exhaust valves
Supertech bronze valve guides
Supertech valve stem seals
HKS adjustable cam gears
Endless-R intake manifold
Okada plasma direct coils
ARC race radiator
ARC oil catch tank
RIPS racing fusebox cover
HKS air filters
HKS twin plate clutch
Garage Defend cooling panel

Turbo / Exhaust
Greddy twin top mount manifold
Greddy twin TD-06 20G turbo’s
Greddy type C wastegate
Greddy type R dumpvalve
Custom downpipes
Open screamerpipe
Apexi 3.5 inch catback

Fuel system
ID 1000cc injectors
Tomei billet fuel rail
Turbosmart 1200 FPR
5 liter swirl pot
HKS 280 liter fuel pump
Bosch 044 fuel pump (2x)

Engine management
Haltech platinum pro ECU
Haltech 33Hz boost solenoid
Haltech oil pressure sensor
Haltech air intake sensor
Innovate wideband sensor
Launch control
Torque split controller

Exterior / Interior / Handling
APR carbon fibre air ducts
Clear side indicators
R35 GT-R logo’s
Xenon 8000K
Hicas lock up bar
Cusco carbon strutbar
Ohlins flag R suspension
Enkei RS05RR wheels 18×10.5J
Toyo T1R tires 275/35/18
Stoptech 2 piece brakedisks
Performance Friction brake pads
Nismo 320KPH cluster
Nismo console gauges
Bride Gias seats
Takata race harnesses
Top Secret gear knob
Cusco 8 point rollcage
Innovate Air/Fuel gauge
HKS EVC-6 boostcontroller
Momo steering wheel + snap off

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IMG_8160 WW
IMG_8148 WW
IMG_8016 WW
IMG_7997 WW
IMG_8002 + 8418 WW
IMG_8133 WW