Edo’s S2000 – Wide & fast!

The Honda S2000 is a roadster equipped with a powerful 2.0 liter VTEC engine. Some would say this is the perfect car for a road trip to the Alps. Then there are also people who want to make it in to a racecar. In that particular case we are talking about Edo. In the past years he collected a lot of parts to make his S2000 in to a track weapon. Special car, special location. My friend Georgi lead us to this awesome skatepark underneath the highway ‘A9′ near Amsterdam and it gave us some pretty cool pictures.

You are not creating a track tool by making it look fast, you have to combine the right parts. To fit the AP racing 6 piston big brakes Edo needed some bigger wheels, and to fit the bigger Cosmis wheels he needed to add some wide-body fenders. These upgrades are not just for show, but pure because he needs them. But why do you need such big brakes on a S2000 you ask? Well, check the picture below!

Yes sir, The F20C1 engine has been fitted with a Kraftwerks supercharger and makes around 400 whp. With the supercharger you gain a lot of instant torque which a standard Honda engine lacks. After the photoshoot Edo took me out for a ride and you definitely feel the difference, especially in the low rpm range. I just love superchargers!

If the wide arches or the wing weren’t “in-your-face” enough, the the blue Cusco 7 point cage will be. The cage changes the complete car into a real track machine. And besides the function, it looks really cool! The KW 3 suspension has been fitted to make the car even better handling in corners.

Function over form. All to make the car go faster around the race tracks!

A fully track built car, but also very useful on the road. And what a presence it has! Wherever you go, everyone looks at it and want to know more about the car. It’s not often that you see such a big wing on a road-legal car. Edo is always looking for other ways to make his car even better and we would love to see the progression of his project. I’m sure we will see this car a lot more, this is no garage queen!

– Stijn van Beek
Bonus images after spec list!

Spec list

2002 F20C1 stock engine
AP2 valve retainers (upgraded)
Kraftwerks Supercharger Kit type 99-03
Speedfactory 4-bar Map sensor
Turbosmart 50mm Blow-Off Valve with spring kit (for superchargers)
Walbro 255 l/h gas pump
Custom made gaspump wiring
Sparks NGK BKR8EIX 2668 with 0,65mm gap
Ballade Sport TCT
Zeitronix AFR
RPC lightweight flywheel
ACT HD Heavy Duty pressure plate
Honda OEM pressure bearing
Honda OEM clutch plate
Innovate engine/gear mounts (type 75a)
2006 valve cover (updated PCV valve)
Radium LHD Dual Catch can Kit + Drain Kits
Invidia Q300 Dual exhaust + 2.75″ test pipe
Tegiwa Radiator + H-Gear dual slim fan 10” setup
Skunk2 70mm flowed throttle body
TEGIWA intake Thermal Gasket
Jʼs racing thermo isolating powder coated Header
Mishimoto cooling fan switch 80 degr. c.
Mishimoto Race thermostat
Carbon coolingplate
Odyssey PC680 Gel battery
CTEK battery indicator/charge connector
Fuel pressure meter
AEM Fuel Rail
AEM Fuel Pressure Regulator
Mocal AP1 S2000 thermostat oil cooler kit 16-rows
H-Gear Oil Filter Relocator Kit
Canton Racing Oil pan
Ignition Projects Coil Pack F20C AP1 SKU:IP-A127404

KW Variant 3
PowerFlex purple rubbers
Model Year 2006 rear sway bar
DME rear control arms
Buddy Club front and rear extended balljoints
Hardrace front top Camber arms
LHT Brake stopper
AP Racing 356x32mm custom made 6-pot (AP 9660) BBK set with 5mm thicker bell (build-in spacer) and latest AP Racing J Hook floating rotor
DBA 4483S T3 Rotors rear
Ferodo DSUNO front
Ferodo DS2500 rear
Tegiwa FRP Bumper scoops AP1

Cosmis R1 hyper bronze: Front 18” 9.5J ET 35 (-/- 5mm spacer = ET30 Rear 18″ 10.5J ET 30 (-/- 15mm spacer = ET15)
Yokohama Advan Neova AD08r 255/35 – 285/30

Tame USA Wide-body over-fenders
PU design Mugen style Splitter
PU Design side skirts spoon Style
Seibon Carbon Hood
Kadean-dev Voltex Type-3 Style GT Wing
Hardrace tunnel brace
Kimmel Design custos Carbon Canards
Custom made rear diffusor

Stripped interior
Removed tar-isolation (>3 kg)
Cusco 7PT cage with Harnass bar
Sparco EVO II bucket seat (2)
Sparco L360 steering wheel
Takata 6-point FIA appr. belt
Takata 4-point FIA appr. belt
H-Gear snap off J
DM center console
PWJDM Carbon midconsole cover
PWJDM Carbon dash insert