European GT-R Days presentation

We like new things right? We love to get suprised and we like to be spoiled with gifts but we can also look forward to something like a concert of your favourite band or a new movie that’s coming out. I’m happy to introduce something new as well and it’s something for Nissan GT-R owners to look forward to with quite some excitement. The European GT-R Days is a newly set up track event which will be held in 2015. It’s an initiative by Custom Import Arts, HKS, Ecutec and event organization agency Eybis.


I was invited by Wouter Vallen of Co-ordSport NL to join him for the European GT-R Days presentation which was being set up at the Beerens Nissan dealership in Antwerp. I was excited and curious of what this would be. Seeing as Custom Import Arts was the organizer, I knew it would be something cool so I had to see and check out what this was all about.


So let’s get on with explaining what the European GT-R days actually are. It’s a track weekend at the legendary LeMans circuit and as the name says it’s for Nissan Skyline GT-R owners only so it’s a very exclusive event. It will be held in the weekend of Augustus 8-9 and that will be the only weekend for 2015. The outlook for 2016 will be three events that year.


The presentation, which was held at the Beerens Nissan dealership in Antwerp, will be organised multiple times to gather GT-R owners from the Benelux and beyond. These presentations and gatherings will be called the Nissan GT-R Nocturn Event and is an initiative to unite GT-R owners from all over Europe.


It’s a great way to be informed with all the benefits of this track weekend and you’ll always be the first to hear the latest details and info about the coming track events. So if you’re a GT-R owner and interested in an experience of a lifetime, you should visit one of the presentation events to find out what it’s all about.


The organisation is going to announce all the important info about signing up and getting involved pretty soon on their website. Make sure you check it out and don’t miss out on some valuable information.


I think this is a great way to handle things. Setting up an elite exclusive track event with top notch accomodations at some of the most legendary tracks that Europe has to offer. A weekend including hotel, dinner, race instructors, track trainings and all kinds of workshops given by event partners.


No matter what generation GT-R you’re driving whether it be R32, R33, R34 or R35 you’re welcome to sign up. It would be nice to have all generations attending, all the way back to the First generation KPGC10 “Hakosuka”.


Is that too much too ask? Maybe… But why not set the goal there? It would be legendary and unheard of in Europe. Let’s do our best and get as many GT-R owners involved for this. As I said earlier this will be a collaboration between several companies who all bring their own ingediĆ«nts to the table.


Eybis is an event agency specialized in track event organisation and has experience with track events all over Europe. Custom Import Arts is the co-host and initiator of it all. This company is known for their excellence in engine management and are truly raising the performance bar to a new standard.


HKS is known for being a premier manufacturer and supplier of premium automotive performance and motorsport products. Together with EcuTek they will be partners for this event and bring their skills and knowledge in engineering and performance car engine management technology to the table so that no GT-R owner will have any troubles during this weekend.


I could bore you with loads of information which you can find on the European GTR Days website along with the sign up info. I’d say, get involved, check it out, sign up and attend one of the most insane and unique GT-R events you’ve ever attended. I’m excited even if it’s only because that I’ll be there to capture it with my camera! See you out there!