Event: Fast Car Festival

On 17 June, last Sunday the Fast Car Festival took place for the second time. It’s a stand alone event for every car brand.

When you see the name of this event you would expect hardcore race cars and cars like Ferraris and Lamborghinis, but when I walked to pit box number one to pick up my press vest is saw this stanced Lexus.

After the first walk around the paddock the level did actually reach my expectations! There were al lot of different cars, from drifters to an exclusive Veyron. Also, the Streetgasm 2000 tour took place from this event.

Also some of the Wangan Warriors arrived this day. Here’s Johan’s ride. But also Wesley with his Sil80 was on display at the Stickerdump stand.

One of the most beautifull car I have seen this day! What a beauty:

But the action was on the track, not only short sessions, but just the whole day! Varying from drift sessions:

But ofcourse we can’t forget the Super Lap sessions, with the different categories. Personally I prefer these two following pictures, here you can see the difference between the older Skylines and the newest R35.

Especially the colour on this R35 was amazing, bright and vivid!

At one of the track sessions I saw this perfect Evo VIII, the colour combo of white and orange is just a strange but very positive sighting.

Finally I would like to show you this detail on one of the Lexus. A suite makes a man and the details make the car! You don’t see these interior details at all in The Netherlands so this was a pleasent surprise.

I really enjoyed the day and I would like to thank GT-events for the fantastic organisation.

– Vincent Roos

Photos by Vincent Roos