Event: Super Sunday

Last Sunday the Zandvoort circuit was all about Time Attack, sprints, drifting, show & shine and everything else that comes with an Automaxx event. Japanese performance was more than well represented. The team of Jeroentje.nl was present, an impressive stand of Showoff Imports, Purple Monkey drift S13, a bunch of sprinting Civics and Impreza’s, the UK Time Attack team of Redbrick Racing and many more. More than enough to share with you people.

All sorts of cars competed with eachother during the sprints. American muscle, German diesels, Civics on full slicks and some fast Impreza’s dominated the tarmac. Rather fast times were driven on the quarter mile.

This FD used to be driven by Purple Monkey Engeneering manager, Jeff. It’s good to see that the new owner uses this machine properly.

While I was walking across the clubpaddock I saw a group of people around one certain car. I was pretty curious what they were looking at so I walked over there. Behind the wall of enthousiasts I found a pretty damn nice Toyota Aristo.

Sometimes I browse on the Internet and I’ll find all kinds of VIP looks and styles. Some are better than the other and some are just overdone. The owner of this Aristo did it right in my opinion. Therefore the LIKE -card!

I will always admire aggressive looking Evo’s…

…as well as nice stanced Z’s like this one!

Here’s Lennard Wander warming up in his S14a by sliding through some turns. There was a lot of action during the Time Attack sessions. Unfortunately quite some accidents happened on the track. Good luck to everybody with any damage on their car!

Gijs Ende took first place in the Time Attack Extreme class. He basically made no mistakes on the track and had no technical problems. Others weren’t that lucky… Well, that’s racing.

Congratulations to you Gijs!

Also, a lot of my credits go to the runner-up Robin Duxburry who came all the way from the UK.

Jeroen Sterke did a great job in the Super Pro Street class. Despite some engine problems with is FD3S, he still made it to the finals and made sure Kevin Go didn’t finish first.

Another winner that day was Robert Dijkkkamp in his Honda Civic. He won first place in the Pro Street class.

All in all it was a nice day with amazing race teams and a lot of car enthusiasts. And again Japanese performance rules! This was the last Time Attack session of 2011 and you’ll definitely find me near the tracks in 2012. Looking forward to it!

– Rens Adams

Photos by Rens Adams