Events: A first impression of DUMPd 2012

There is one thing I know for a fact and that is that hundreds of people had the time of their life at DUMPd today. This was an event of biblecal proportions. The idea of the event was to bring all serious car styles together, gather all the brands and make a meeting with an unseen setup in the entire Dutch car culture. The large indoor area of the Enka factory displayed the most amazing cars of the event. Unfortunately because of the limited space not all the indoor selected cars could get inside. The weather was lovely so I don’t think anyone was bothered to park their car on the outdoor area.

The outdoor area was packed with nice VAG, JDM, Euro, stanced or performance orientated cars. This Fairlady on fluor slippers was one of those cars.

It was amazing to see a ghetto fixed Miata next to a clean Golf MKII. This was exactly what DUMPd wanted to show, those mixed car cultures.

It looked like everyone enjoyed the beautiful weather outside. There is nothing better than a relaxing walk across the meeting area with lots of eyecandy to admire.

Some people prayed for an indoor spot because they had do sign up months before the event to get selected. Let’s take a look at some of those lucky ones. This MX-5 is for sale. Fortunately it wasn’t sold before the event so people could see the nicest supercharged MX of the country for one last time.

This FC is going to be taken apart as well because the owner has plans for another project. This is one clean looking RX-7!

Adam Zillin from 7Tune made sure this VAD Porsche was present at the 7Tune podium. This was one of the major eyecatchers of the event.

Some people worked so hard to make it to DUMPd. The owner of this C-210 Skyline e-mailed us some project pictures and we where not sure if he would make it. But there it is. What a beauty!

Same story applies for our Clubmember and co-founder of Wangan Warriors, Noud. Hard work pays of. Here you are buddy!

Our friends from Cable Tie Racing came all the way from Cambridge. Look at this marvelous K20 powerd Civic. The custom made parts mounted on this car makes it look so hardcore. You’ve got style, Johnathan!

Quite some forummembers found their way to DUMPd. Thomas is the owner of this Corolla and normaly he’s more impressed of action events than relaxed meetings like this. But he was present until the end of the event today.

One of our newest forum members signed up with the most awesome Aristo’s out there.

A while ago someone e-mailed us for some Wangan Warriors stickers. Pascal Bla had some problems with his 4-door skyline as well but he made it after all.

More German enhousiast were present at the event. This PS13 and this FD live pretty close to the Dutch border. The owner of the Silvia told me about quite some cool meetings out there. We will definately be visiting some of those meetings in the future!

The 7Tune podium was set to do some interviews with respected visitors of DUMPd. Adam Zillin came all the way from Tokyo Japan to see what the 7Tune crew is up to here in Holland. He was impressed by the vibe and quality level of the event.

The JDM Club of Sweden brought a JDM apriciation award for the owner of one of the most impressive VW’s. Be sure to check out their facebook page and website for all the awesome coverage they will be bringing.

In between the interviews, these BMX guys entertained the visitors with some cool stunts. With some nice music provided by the DJ of 7Tune, this was a joy to watch.

This Jetta was raffled during the meeting. You could buy tickets for one euro with an unique number and at the end of the day they announced the winning number. 900 it was! The winner probably had the luckiest day of his life.

And at the very end lots of goodies where given away. Free stuff is never unwanted!

Let’s leave it at that for the first DUMPd coverage provided by Wangan Warriors. You can expect a lot more these following days!

Wangan Warriors was pleased to be a part of this allready legendary event. The organisation worked unbelievably hard to take the high expectations to unimaginably new highs.

Stay tuned for the following parts of the coverage.

– Rens Adams