Events: DMPD, amazing as always

Another event, another success. DMPD seems to make a name for itself when it comes to organising high quality automotive events. But let me rephrase automotive event in this case because the DMPD show was a lot more than just an automotive show. It’s about the people, the scene, the lifestyle and respect. After last years succes it was expected to be held again this year although the rumours were that it was a one-time only event. Luckily the organisation decided to persue with DMPD, it was predetermined to be.

So this year it all started again very early on friday morning. There was a lot to prepare for the main event because the organisation had better decoration ideas for this year and wanted to stay on schedule with that. When I arrived around noon it seemed that they were ahead of things so everything went as planned.

Much respect again for the hard working volunteers who made this all happen. I helped out a little bit myself but not enough to take credit for compared with the guys who worked themselves to the bone. I was safely hidden behind a black device called a camera.

I met up with Kai Dörge in the afternoon on friday to do little spotlight shoot of his Toyota Soarer. He drove all the way from Leipzig (East Germany) and I was told that people from over there do a quick car wash with some Monster Energy. Right Kai?

On behalf of Wangan Warriors I would like to thank the organisation for giving us the oppertunity to display a few club cars in the indoor area. We got a cool spot in the corner of the ENKA factory right next to the entrance. All the members present were proud and thankfull to be a part of it!

As you can see Rob looks a little bit tired and that makes complete sense. Fellow Warrior Peter helped Rob out for the past month to get the S15 with the C-west widebody ready for the event. They were both exhausted of all the last minute work they put into the car but thankfully they made it! Stay tuned for the final result of the Silvia in an upcoming feature in the future.

To be honest, I had the idea that the visitors arrived a little later then I expected. It looked like most people made good use of the beach chairs which were an appreciated luxury in the early morning for those who woke up before sun rise to be the first at the event.

As expected, the ourdoor area displayed some impressive cars and this brutal GTR was one of those. I was happy to hear that my crew member Allard was able to arrange a photoshoot of godzilla so you’ll have to sit tight for this article to be published. I myself can’t wait!

There is no way that you missed out on the JoyOfMachine photography exhibition in the Speedhunters area. I was very impressed to say at least and make sure you check out their first part of the DMPD coverage here.

I was pleased to have met a few guys of the Speedhunters crew but in particular Paddy McGrath. He used quite some of my work in the #IAMTHESPEEDHUNTER blogs which I’m very gratefull for. We had the time to become aquainted and shared some jokes and stories every now and then when we ran into eachother. My friend Aram Laumen was smiling for the photograph which I was taking but he magically disappeared in the depth of field. Sorry, Aram, It’s a photography thing.

I saw the red Beatle of Ben Chandler many times through various social media channels and it was cool to see it in person. I couldn’t resist capturing the highlights shining over the side of the car. It looked so appealing to photograph.

Always nice to see familiar cars and people. Definitely when you did a feature in the past of an awesome car that arrives in style and everybody photographing it at the event. Dylan Mirtic drove from Belgium to the ENKA factory to be present and waited for over 1,5 hour to wash his car at the hotel but does his NA look sexy and clean right there or is it just me?

In my opinion the organisation took the right decisions when it comes to selecting cars for the indoor area. The variation of brands, models and styles were beyond my expectations. I was pleased to see this classic Celica with a very nice engine bay.

There was some serious battling going on at the Illest B-boy contest but Alex wil get into that a little bit more in an upcoming article. Nice to see so many street cultures combined at an event. It’s all part of our lifestyle.

Alex was busy handing out stickers to some of the visitors and to a few of our Wangan Warriors forum members. He was even kind enough to lend out his groceries bonuspoint card to flatten the Wangan vinyls. Yes we are multifunctional!

The guys of JDM club Sweden handed out the Nordic apreciation award again and this year the lucky winner was our very own Daniël Waare. Daniël was very thankfull for it and couldn’t wait to go on stage for a quick interview. I couln’t agree more with the decision of our Scandinavian visitors!

As I’m finishing my article I want to asure you that Mathieu van den Oever of Curb Images will come with an amazing video as we are used to of course. He’s always able to take high expectations to unexpected new highs so keep an eye on all the facebook pages because this thing will go viral!

Stay tuned for much more coverage to come. We are just getting started guys!

-Rens Adams