Events: DMPD, awesome on so many levels

DMPD, or DUMPd in last year’s spelling, is one of those events I really look forward to all year long. The first edition in 2012 was a huge success and when the date for 2013 edition was announced I immediately marked the day in my agenda as booked.

Unfortunately I had to miss the pre-meet the night before the main event, and because I overslept for the first time in years I arrived late for the main event. The result? I ended up in a massive traffic jam of awesome cars in the streets around the venue.

Luckily the organisation had a smooth operation running and while the streets got overwhelmed by the amount of traffic, the crew certainly had their act together. So it didn’t take long before I found myself back again at that place I knew from last year, the old Enka factory. Still abandoned, still scheduled for demolition and still awesome. There’s something about old factories that make them look cool, don’t you think?

At that point my enthusiasm went in overdrive, so I payed my entry fee and parked my car. I unpacked the gear I thought I would need and started working. Or rather, I intended to get to work.

What happened? I failed. DMPD is not so much about cars as about getting together a lot of car enthusiast from all over Europe, so before I even got past security I met the first familiar face. I wasn’t the only one who got caught up in the whole social thing. I saw groups of people talking to each other everywhere, some people even decided to sit down on the beach chairs that the organisation put everywhere near the entrance.

But I finally made it inside the factory to have a quick first look on the selected cars, and I was greeted by a familiar sight. A lot of people running around with cleaning stuff to make sure their cars are spotless.

But soon the socialising started in the factory too. Groups of people talking, grilling the owners of the cars with every question they could come up with and just enjoying the cars. The organisation did a good job of selecting a wide range of cars, so there was something to like for everybody.

I decided to walk around first while taking some test shots to find the right settings for the dimly lit factory. And it didn’t take long before I found some of my personal favourites of the day. I love a clean look with a nice stance, and besides all the slammed cars on airbags there were some very awesome cars who were sitting just right in my opinion.

And while I still am a huge fan of Japanese cars I’m starting to like some German models more and more. The list is still short, but the older BMW’s are definitely on it. I love how people are finding ways to make them stand out in a world where everything is done to a car before, without getting over the top. I personally like cars that are made just a bit better than originally, even when it follows all the trends. What’s wrong with a just a nice set of wheels and immaculate paint if it makes your car look good?

Suddenly a big guy shouting into a microphone got my attention, because a breakdance competition was about to get started. A dance competition on a car show? Welcome to DMPD! And although I really have no idea who won it was a nice addition to the show.

When I looked around and saw a huge crowd watching the sick moves on the stage I noticed I wasn’t the only one who liked it. I even saw some people trying to dance, but I decided my not-so-athletic body wasn’t build to move like that so I just took some pictures and went outside.

The area outside was filled with a lot of nice examples. Although the factory itself is used to showcase the very best cars I’m under the impression a lot of cars parked outside weren’t worse than that. It’s just that there isn’t more space on the factory floor to park more vehicles on.

There were some rare cars too. Some of the cars I had never seen in real life before. Especially older Japanese family cars were considered not worth saving here in The Netherlands for a long time. Fortunately some of them have survived those times. Who could have thought fifteen years ago that someday a guy with camera would be drooling over their old Accord on a car show?

I even did a quick walk around on the parking place too. Sometimes you can find some nice cars there, and the DMPD parking lot wasn’t an exemption. Although the grass was so high even my Yaris looked low I could easily spot some special cars between all the daily drivers and family haulers.

But dinner time was approaching fast so people slowly started leaving, until only a few cars in the factory remained. We photographers immediately jumped on the opportunity to do some photo shoots at a location that could very well be demolished in less than a year. Expect to see some more of the shots we took soon.

I left well past seven in the evening, when there were only two cars left on the parking lot. While I drove home very tired, and hungry, I was thinking about what I would write about DMPD 2013. Was it a success? For me, definitely. Am I already hoping for a third edition? Yes, very much. I can’t wait DMPD, see you in 2014.

-Alex Kamsteeg