Events: DMPD pre-meet – In for a treat!

One of the biggest (and best) event in Holland mainland Europe is about to kick of. Just like last year the un-official start is the pre-meet on Friday evening. And if the DMPD pre-meet is a marker for the main event on Saturday we are in for a treat!

And a treat is what you receive if you’ve booked a hotel room at the reehorst hotel. A goody bag with some nice samples from Auto Finesse, a bunch of Ferdinand stickers and a warm welcome letter awaits you once you enter your room.

But that’s not all. The hotel has an excellent restaurant and even in the lounge are signs that a great event is about to take place! DMPD coasters, DMPD rubiks cubes and some great automotive video’s playing on the flat screens in the more than comfortable hotel lounge.

Had a long drive? Your car is covered in dirt and dead flies? No problem! A carwash is available at the hotel. It’s not every day you see one of your favorite photographers clean his car for an event. Paddy McGrath from Speedhunters drove 2(!!!) days for DMPD.

The carwash was a good place to spot some nice rides. Everything from VAG…

… to some clean JDM goodness! Just the way we like it!

And the line for the carwash got bigger and bigger as the evening progressed…

… and the pre-meet officially kicked of.

Putting in some last work for the day ahead…

… or just chill, hang out and talk about cars. It’s what every petrolhead enjoys. Beeing around other like minded folks enjoying the company of some great rides!

Like i said before; If the pre-meet is any indication for the main event than we’re in for a treat!

– Allard van Grafhorst