Events: DMPD trackday

Let me start by saying that this is the way a trackday should always be held. I can’t recall being at a track session with so much mutual respect and kindness among the people present. DMPD is going places if you ask me. The DMPD drift jam had the same impression on me and what I’m trying to say is that I had a real good time at Zandvoort last Saturday and I sincerely hope many of these events will follow.

Again many thanks to the people who lead things in the pitlane and on the paddock so that everyone could enjoy their evening in safe circumstances. I believe it’s quite the responsibility to make sure nothing goes wrong and to assure everybody is following the rules on and off track.

With a red flag during the morning track sessions because of bad weather, the prospects weren’t too well for us but I guess we were lucky later on the day. It cleared up pretty well and I think we couldn’t wish for any better circumstances and lighting conditions for the rest of the evening.

People were slowly arriving and everyone was having a chat to catch up a little. All the participants signed in at the DMPD tent and got their cars ready for some track fun.

With everyones safety in mind there was a briefing for the drivers before anyone could go on track. It looked like everybody was concentrated and ready to go.

Always nice to see some Roadstercrewers represented at trackdays like these. Mattijn is seriously giving his MX-5 his own taste and style. I thought that the zebra print on the right front fender was made to cover some damage but I have to say I like how it looks.

Luckily after a rainy day the track was completely dried up so people could safely start their first laps. I made my way from the pitlane to the paddock and went on to various corners to shoot at.

This was maybe the most interesting civic of the day. With a turbocharged D14 and some proper handling you can imagine this thing is fun on a circuit. We posted a cool wallpaper this weekend so check it out if you missed it!

If there is one guy committed to his car and fixing it in time to get back on track, then it’s Kevin. The sound that his RX7 produces is beyond your imagination. Last time I visited Zandvoort I was at a petrol station nearby the circuit and all of a sudden I heard a loud roar on the horizon. I grabbed my phone and texted Kevin: Was that you? And got the answer I actually expected: Yes it was, need to put the db killer in.

I believe Kevin had a great day at the DMPD event because the last time we were at Zandvoort he had to quit driving pretty early because of some problems with his gearbox.

As we know by now, where DMPD is there is Mick and he is one of those people I’m happy to have met along the way. Sometimes you don’t know what to expect from him and I mean that in a good way. The one moment he’s concentrated behind the wheel of his drifter and the second moment he’s pulling faces at me while I’m in my moment of concentration myself.

I had the pleasure of joining him for a few laps around the track and let me tell you first hand that this guy knows what he’s doing. Although the marshals told him not to drift around the complete track he was still able to connect a few corners going sideways.

Every session people were lining up to get out there and the atmosphere was completely relaxing for the entire evening. Luckily no major accidents happened.

Again I’m looking forward to what Mathieu is going to produce with his cinamatography. We’ve come to expect only masterpieces by Mat. By the looks of it he pulled it off once more so it’s just a matter of time that we’ll see the complete result but I’m convinced that it will be a great movie.

This is the way to organise a trackday and I really think DMPD is making a name for itself with the reputation they are building up. These small events are for fun and promotional puposes and the main event in Ede on August 17th must be the climax of it all.

This is it for the first part of our coverage. I wasn’t able to be everywhere at the same time so my fellow Wangan Warriors shooters Alex and Allard will provide some more coverage for you people soon. Stay tuned!

Drive safe!

-Rens Adams