Events: DUMPd: A first impression

Every once in a while, you get an opportunity presented that can’t be turned down. A new organisation, called DUMPd was born and they had the had the briliant idea of organising an event in September. In the beginning of 2012 our club was asked to help out with the selection of this event. And how can you say no to something like this? Right, you don’t. Since we’re focussed on Japanese cars only, it would become our main priority to find the greatest JDM rides in and around the Netherlands and make sure they will be present at Dumpd.

This event will take place on the 8th of september at an allmost century old abandoned factory.

The Enka factory is a perfect urban location which is sublime for an automotive event. With an indoor and outdoor area there is the ability to set up various decorations to entertain all the visitors with room for over a thousand cars.

The total concept of the event is to bring automotive cultures and lifestyles together. Let’s try to get a VAG orientated person interested in a RB powered Silvia and vice versa. It’s a new concept in the Netherlands and is totally diffirent from everything we’ve seen.

DUMPd is trying to pay attention to the details. So there will be no lack of promotion flags, free stickers, a caterer, music and company displays. They even have these cool odour-cards made. How awesome is that!

After we took a first look at the location we were impressed by the dimension of the place and the potential of what will take place. World known names like StanceWorks, 7Tune, SimplyClean, Illest are part of this new style event. And the charisma of those names are exactly what DUMPd wants to show out.

Lifestyles and car cultures combined with the focus on clean stanced cars and performance orientated people. A thousand stories with one passion!

Our friends at 7Tune allready launched an amazing preview movie to tease everyone of what’s coming. I’m looking forward to the complete DUMPd coverage of them.

While we were at the location to shoot some preview material, two properly lowered civics where at the site.

And if it’s not low enough, the VAG people can show a thing or two about that. But it’s not the point about who’s lower or cleaner or who’s able to let you eat rubber at the traffic lights. It’s about the shared devotion to what we all love.

Mike van Beest is the owner of this nice EF Civic. Mike is not only focussed on driving clean and low but is a track enthousiast as well.

The Japanese scene in the Netherlands is upcoming and growing pretty fast. It’s no blasphemy if you drive a replica. Mike mounted these 16inch Work replica’s on his Honda and it looks damn good.

With that appearance, ofcouse he’s rocking a StanceWorks sticker.

Under the bonnet we’re talking about a D16AG swap with a “whalepenis” intake. Humble and enough. The body is finished with a full respray.

Let’s not reveal to much of what’s coming. If you have a stance or performance orientated japanese car make sure you sign up at and maybe you’ll get selected for the indoor area. If your not, no hard feelings because the outdoor area will be packet with lots of amazing cars as well.

If you think you saw everything, been to every meeting or event and think you’ve had just about every worthy place to go with your car, the best is yet to come. DUMPd 2012 ladies and gentlemen!


See you all at DUMPd !!!