Car feature: Gerben’s pride

Here at Wangan Warriors we accept many styles and ways of thinking from the people who visit our meetings, website or forum. If you want to build your car for track use only, that’s fine. If you want to scrape your civic like nobody else does, that’s fine too. Do you like it ghetto style and tie-wrap the sh*t out of it, feel free to do so! Do you like it clean and spend some money on importing wheels from across the globe, why not!? We’re always looking for unique ways of living and approaches of your personals styles and flavours. A perfect example is Gerben’s Impreza  WRX bug-eye.

Gerben does his own thing. He has his own vision, his own style, he loves haters and above all he’s a very supportive guy. There is one thing that defines Gerben and that’s his enthousiasm. I know quite some people who show their love for their cars and projects but Gerben is impassionated in his own way.

People like to have pictures taken of their cars when they’re done. Gerben likes to take pictures himself, lots of them. A few times he stood in my way while I was shooting but that’s part of this story. He just likes loads of visual evidence of his creation everywhere he goes.

Gerben told me his passion for cars started on a fairly young age. He was only four years old when he first stepped into a small motorcart, from there on out he played with RC toy cars and at an older age he got into the VW scene and he even did some off road terrain driving.

I’m happy to see our stickers being put to use in this way. I concider Wangan Warriors as a social car community which represent a very large amount of Japanese car enthousiasts. I think it’s great to see our community between different world famous names.

Now that you know a little bit about Gerben, let’s continue with some information of his bug-eye.

It’s quite an allrounder if you ask me and that’s also the intention of Gerben. Lose the spoiler for the looks, add the diffuser for better aerodynamics on track. I know for a fact that Gerben has been active on serveral tracks but that world rally blue colour still looks so neat.

Gerben took some sacrifices for its looks and its functionality. Some people would say “needs more low”, “needs more camber”… Gerben is committed to be able to use his Impreza on a daily basis, visit static meetings and be ready for trackuse after a wheelchange.

It’s lowered with Intrax 1K2 coilovers with front and rear camberplates(F 2,5 degrees camber @ 0,0 toe/ R 1,4 degrees camber @ +0,08 toe).

As you can see the Bridgestone’s (RE050A 225/40-18 92Y) needed some stretch to fit and these are the first signs of rubber loss due of the rear fender. Gerben can live with that, he’s a big boy.

With the white WORK XD9’s in 18×10, you could easily consider this as very sexy.

Since March last year I’ve been following the plans and ideas on our forum and he was uncertain about the choice of his new wheels for a long time but I really think he made the right choice by going for the Works.

They’re lovely in contrast with the World rally blue colour. As you might have noticed already, Gerben got some custom made licence plates on his car. As I was saying earlier this car is function and form and I know some will have a little hate about that. Well, the rear licence plate is your answer.

I suppose this doesn’t need any explanation. This is again a clear sign of enthousiasm, absolute devotion and support to our Dutch car scene.

I’m happy to have taken this shot because it really shows his satisfaction and relief of how the WRX is today and how he sees it. I think we at Wangan Warriors all agree on one thing and that’s that Gerben did one hell of a job getting his Subaru this beautifull.

Thanks for your support and keep up the good work Gerben! I would also like to thanks Allard van Grafhorst for coming along so we could do some rollingshots.

See you out there!