Feature: Misha’s Monster Impreza

It was last monday when Misha posted a short film of his growling Impreza, just after he passed the M.O.T. That same night, Vincent and I went on the look-out in the neighbourhood for nice locations to take some shots of his car and on wednesday we finally got the chance to meet up at McDonalds for a photoshoot. If you have to break in an engine, you might as well do it in style.

We drove to an industrial area to take some rolling shots and it is quite impressive to drive next to, or behind this wide, white… thing. It doesn’t really show on the pictures, but a 22B bodykit is quite the eye catcher. It becomes rather obvious though, when you park a normal Impreza next to it.

The hole in the bumper is there for a reason. Cool air flows in to give the oil cooler some fresh air.

Not only does the car look impressive, it also develops quite the amount of power. A whopping 704 bhp and 862 Nm of torque to be precise.

Misha wasn’t feeling all that well at the time of the photoshoot because of lack of sleep and an aching tooth. Luckily he decided to show up anyway.

Yes, he’s wearing earbuds. Not because there’s something wrong with his ears, but because the car is making quite some noise. Completely stripped from any excess weight. Polyester doors, acrylic windows, everything has been done to get the weight as low as possible, with as much as possible power. Combine this with an Invidia exhaust and I think that you’ll know what I mean.

All this brute power comes from an engine on which nothing has been cut short. A 2.35 engine (2.2 with stroker kit) with a load of high-end parts from Cosworth, ACL, CP, Pauter and STI makes it possible to achieve very good results combined with a GT3582R and 2000cc injectors.

All this doesn’t run on normal petrol but on E85 bio ethanol which provides a more powerfull yet cleaner combustion.

There is a advanced fuel system in the back of the car with a big tank, a swirl pot and two huge fuel pumps that sound like jet engines to make sure that the injectors are provided with enough petrol. Believe it or not, but the fuel pumps make more noise than the exhaust when the car is running idle, it’s like a turbine engine being start up as soon as you flick the keys to on.

Unfortunately, Dutch traffic regulations don’t allow non-standard wings in the every day traffic so he had to leave the wing off. No problem though, the car looks close to just as sexy compared to it’s fully time-attack dress.

We got permission to take pictures on the ground of concrete factory VBI in Oss. The car looks quite elegant between all these concrete blocks compared to its capabilities.

Once the bonnet is opened, one can notice the difference clearly compared to a standard Subaru bonnet. Not only is it much lighter, it also provides better hot air ventilation out of the enginen compartment.

Finally, we would like to thank Misha for all the effort he’s gone through to be able to give us the premiere to show this car to the public. We’ll make sure to closely follow this car during its adventures on Dutch circuits.