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Read this before registering please
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05 May 2009, 15:53

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If you can only see this forum and post it means you are a still a guest at our forum.
If you want to participate on the Wangan Warriors forum you will have to register.

Once you have registered a admin will have to activate your account. onces this is done your registration is complete.

But before you can really participate on our forum you will have to introduce yourself
Once you introduce yourself it would be nice to read who you are, what your age is and of course what car you drive. Also tell us how you got onto our forum and why you would like to join our activities online.

Once we think you will fit into the group on the forum we will approve your account and let you use the rest of the forum.

Becoming a member of the Wangan Warriors club yourself would require an invitation by one of the clubs current members. By being approved on the forum you are NOT a member of the Wangan Warriors club.

Regels voor het gebruik van het forum:
  • Schrijf normaal en fatsoenlijk Nederlands. MSN en SMS taal accepteren we niet.
  • Het is niet toegestaan vanuit commercieel oogpunt onderdelen of auto's aan te bieden.