Happy 86 Day: One for all generations

Happy 86 day everybody! Who would have guessed that the small lightweight Corolla which was introduced in 1983 would have such an impact to a couple of generations of car enthusiasts? It seems that the AE86, Hachiruku, Levin or whatever variant of this legendary model became a big part of us.


I consider it still a rather exclusive model despite the fact that these cars have been showcased more than often on Wangan Warriors. Let’s go through a couple of the examples we came across during our time shooting for our club.


I recall falling in love with Alex’s drift photos somewhere in 2011, and it was one of the main reasons for me to get him on board as one of the first crew photographers here at Wangan Warriors. That was back when he still actively captured the NL drift series and shot this Trueno from the UK.


Alex knows the Zandvoort circuit inside out and always has his eyes peeled for the interesting projects out there. This shot was captured at Fast Car Festival back in 2012 and I never get bored looking at such timeless shots.


Allard has also captured his fair share of Levins, Truenos and GT86’s. He went to Japan in January 2012 and was able to re-edit some of what he captured over there for this post. We really digged in our archives for this one!

AE86 #4

If you kept an eye on our blog today you would have noticed Allard’s story about the old and new generation where he tells you about his experiences with these models. Make sure you take a moment to check it out!


As you might remember, Maurice and myself went over to Sweden recently to capture Gatebil at Mantorp Park. Not surprisingly we found our fair share of AE86’s over there, themes like this are a great way for us to show you our unseen content!


This Trueno was one of those classics which had insanity written all over. I haven’t figured out what engine it was running so if anybody knows who reads this then please feel free to let us know! I think it might be an interesting project with some amazing details!


Moving on with our British contributor, Bill, who always manages to capture cars and people which we don’t see very often. Every article from him is another treat and absolute pleasure and I’m happy he noticed a couple of 86’s at the many drift and track events he visited.


I would really like to take a moment to thank him for putting great effort into this website, he’s really nailing it every single time he comes out with new coverage. It’s also because of him that a couple of world-renowned projects are showcased on Wangan Warriors as well such as the DW86 which is the feature image in this post.


My first thought for our new writer Bop was that he’d be a great fit for our crew. I noticed some cool writing from him on the web and thought he’d be perfect to fill up the blanks here on Wangan Warriors. We capture a huge amount of content but we can’t always manage to get everything done on time no matter how hard we try!


Bop helped me out with a feature that has been on my to do list for a long time. Aram’s project needed some well deserved attention on our website after supporting us this past year. I could not have done a better job than Bop did on this one!


This is going to be the last bit we’re sharing of our 86-day mini theme. It’s a little bit of a new and different concept on our blog but if there are important subjects or themes which need some exposure or extra attention, feel free to give us your thoughts and ideas. This works both ways, you ask, we deliver!

I hope you guys enjoyed this little content boost and we will be back very soon with more international stuff!

-Rens Adams