I love the eighties!

Aaaah yes! The eigthies. The Teenage mutant ninja turtles were created. The Dutch football team actually won something. I was born (1983). Miami Vice. The Berlin wall fell. Punkrock. The golden age of graffiti. Akira. Jan Lammers wins the 24H of LeMans. Back to the future. Skateboarding. U2. MTV still broadcasted actual music videos. The A-team. Walkmans were cool. GI Joe. Cindy Crawford was my first crush when I was five. Last, but certainly not least, my first car (an AW11 MR2) rolled out of the factory! Oh, and it was the decade of boxy, Japanese, four-door saloons.

IMG_5671 WW

Like this fine example shown here. You might recognize this Nissan C32 Laurel from my DMPD 2K15 coverage earlier this year and to be honest, it was one of those rides that stole the show for me! It’s surrounded by a certain “zero f*cks given” vibe and I knew that I had to shoot a spotlight for our blog.

IMG_5955 WW

It helps that the owner, Daniël, is a DMPD regular, so getting the car all to myself wasn’t exactly challenging and the old army base made for a perfect location.

IMG_5960 WW

The first thing you notice is the perfect stance, achieved by AST coilovers which were originally meant to be fitted under an S13. Now, normally I consider myself a purist when it comes to wheels and I can already hear the comments about the Rota Grid V’s, but this car has been built as a daily drifter and Daniël didn’t feel the need to potentially trash a set of rare, expensive JDM wheels. I have to admit, can’t really blame him there!

IMG_5966 WW

Daniël calls the car his “zero fucks given slider” so you would expect the car to be more beaten up than it is. On the other hand, this car has certain details that show the car has been built quite “period correct”, so to speak.

IMG_5970 WW

Details like the “Boso” style oil cooler…

IMG_5971 + 6010 WW

… and the JDM fender mirrors. I personally really like the Brooklands badge prominently placed on the front grill, which Daniël bought at the Brooklands museum. Details like this are a dead giveaway the car is secretly more than “just” a daily drifter.

IMG_5987 + 5990 WW

And yes, it has all the right stuff you need as a drifter. Hydraulic e-brake. Custom, colorful shift knob…

IMG_5989 + 5998 WW

… Custom #aintcare floor mats, period correct Patko buckets (which sit brilliantly by the way), with Sabelt 4 point seatbelts… It’s all there!

IMG_5952 WW

But Daniël realized that cars like this are really becoming rare in in this state, so this winter the car will retire as his drift barge.

IMG_6001 WW

Even the original L24e looks like it came out of the factory yesterday, so it’s a decision I can only appreciate. The car will not retire completely though, it’ll still receive some love and care and maybe a V8. Yes, you’ve read that correctly.

IMG_5946 WW

So whatever the plans are with this C32, there’s a big chance this isn’t the last time you see one of Daniëls cars on our blog, since he’s already bought a second Laurel to turn into a “period correct, aintcare, zero fucks given drifter“.

IMG 5973 + 5976 WW

I, for one, can’t wait too see what he comes up with and spending some time with this boxy, tarmac scraping, zero fucks given, daily drifter reminded me of two things…

IMG_5655 WW

1) I need a Japanese four door barge in my life.
2) I love the eighties!

– Allard van Grafhorst

Spec list
Original L24e engine (140bhp) with automatic transmission converted to manual.
Rigid rear axle replaced by independent suspension setup from a newer type C32.
Welded diff
Hydraulic handbrake
Brake pressure regulator
Sparco steering wheel with extended hub
Custom “Geisha” knob
S13 shortshifter
Patko bucketseats
Sabelt 4 point seatbelts
S13 AST coilovers
S13 Pushrods
S13 Wishbones
S13 Wheel hubs
S13 280mm brake discs
EBC Greenstuff brake pads
15 inch Rota GridV – 8J et0 front, 9J et0 rear.
Kouki C32 rear bumper
Kouki C32 rear lights, tinted red
“Frankenstein” type front bumper (original bumper with Kouki C32 lip)
Amber cornerlights
Volvo oilcooler (disconnected)

To do – engine swap (V8) or carbs or throttle bodies.