Insanity. Madness. Epic. Party. 2JZ. Gatebil!

What is there to say or write about Gatebil events that hasn’t already been said or written? Who hasn’t seen the likes of Aasbø, “Mad” Mike or Vaughn Gittin jr. drifting through traffic via YouTube? So what can I say or write that sounds new or fresh to you? To be honest, I don’t think I can. But I’d still like you to join me on this trip. Gatebil through the eyes of a first timer. That’s right! I got my Gatebil cherry popped at this year’s main event; Gatebil Rudskogen!

IMG_1844 WW

It was about time as well. Due to various reasons I wasn’t able to visit the main event in previous years. Boy, do I regret that now! Yes, I’m not even going to build up a story line or anything.

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Because like I said at the beginning of this article, you probably damn well know what Gatebil is about! I can sweet talk about it all I want but it’s all about doing, crazy, mad, idiotic stuff with anything on four wheels and having a great time while doing said crazy, mad, idiotic stuff.


For example, the clipping point at the end of the pit wall! Throw it in, little e-brake, job done! Sounds like fun right?

IMG_3237 WW

But it can get even better! Because what’s more fun…

3293 + 3294 WW

… than shooting sand, stones, rubber and bolts at the media dudes?
Some examples on film can be found below!
Shot by our very own Rens: click here.
Shot by Marcel Langer photography: click here.
Shot by yours truly: click here.

IMG_3058 WW

And if RWD isn’t to your liking, just go mad with your 4WD! He probably takes the kids to school on Monday as well.

IMG_2374 WW

Of course Gatebil Rudskogen is much more than just drifting. There are multiple Time Attack classes and some are even combined with a few drifters here and there.

IMG_3105 WW

But no matter what class was out on track, every single car hauled ass. Now slow poking about here! Either in a straight line…

IMG_3767 WW

… or going sideways! The thing is, it just seemed “normal”. Even for me, a Gatebil greenhorn, all the hooning and tire destruction became “normal”. Because after all, this is Gatebil Rudskogen! You’re supposed to hoon as much as possible.


But please, don’t get me wrong! I don’t mean normal in a boring way. I mean it in the best way possible. I mean, doing a burnout on your snow scooter on top of a pickup truck? Sure, because Gatebil!

IMG_4429 + 4430 WW

Wall run, after wall run, after wall run, after wall run, after wall run?
Of course! Why not?

IMG_3932 WW

Insisting you do your flame throwing act because “you’re a media dude! Of course you’re gonna like this! Just take the damn picture!” ?
Gatebil baby!

IMG_2126 WW

Swap a diff in 5 minutes? Gearbox in an hour? Or two engines in three days (yes that actually happened at black smoke racing!)?
F*ck it! Gatebil!

IMG_2435 WW

Maybe I’m making the wrong statement by saying normal. I mean that Gatebil sets the norm! It has been everything I could hope for and more. I had my expectations before I arrived but *every* *single* *one* has been exceeded!

IMG_2907 WW

I’ve been told multiple times this was a slow year so to speak. No big international names and the event itself has seen busier years. But if this was a slow year…

IMG_3830 WW

… than I’m really wondering what a busy year looks like? To be honest I think it’s best if I find out for myself next year. Just.. you know… to make sure that this hasn’t been a fluke or something.

IMG_4307 WW

So what have I learned from my first ever Gatebil event?
Well for starters, Scandinavian people really, really, really hate tires!

IMG_3763 WW

I mean like…

IMG_4147 WW

… really hate them or something. I’ve never, ever, in my life, seen so much tire smoke, destroyed tires and molten rubber. I’ve never inhaled so much smoke as well and I’ve been a smoker since I was 14 years old.

IMG_4341 WW

The second thing I’ve learned is JZ everything! And I do mean everything. From BMW’s, Volvo’s, Skylines or “just” an s-chassis. Just put a 1 or 2JZ in it, slap a huge turbo on that baby and you’re good to go.

IMG_4351 WW

The third thing that got stuck in my brain is that I now know why the Toyota Supra has become so rare in the rest of the world, even in Japan. They al drive drift/race in Scandinavia.

IMG_3743 WW

And they are doing a damn fine job at it as well if I may say so!

IMG_1968 WW

But let’s be brutally honest. You probably don’t really care what I’ve learned at Gatebil Rudskogen and I can’t really blame you.

IMG_4324 WW

Because as I’ve mentioned at the start of this article, you damn well know what this is all about. But just in case let me sum it up for you. Gatebil is…

IMG_4355 WW


IMG_3535 WW


IMG_3025 WW


IMG_3993 WW


IMG_1850 TD


IMG_4106 WW

Mix it all together and there you go! Gatebil.
I’ve got no other way of putting it.

IMG_2856 WW

But stay tuned for more Gatebil coverage as we’ve got some features lined up as well.

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For now, scroll down for a ton of bonus images! I hope you enjoy them as much as Bil “the bearded man of drifting” Baldwin enjoyed Gatebil!

– Allard van Grafhorst

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