Introducing Daniël’s Aristo: I was born on a mountainside

Allow me to introduce our newest Wangan Warriors member, Daniël Waare and his Toyota Aristo. If I recall correctly it was Super Sunday 2011 at the Zandvoort circuit when I first laid eyes on this impressive piece of machinery. At that time I had no idea how his project would evolve or who the owner was. In fact, Daniël, were you the owner back then? Nonetheless we are absolutely honoured and pleased with his presence in our cosy car club. I wanted to take everybody through a little journey from my first acquaintance with Daniël until the fun moments we already had in the past few months.

I’ve got the be honest for a second and admit that until a few days ago I had no idea when Daniël and I first met. As he is a better friend than I am, he was able to tell me that our first acquaintance was at the Wangan Warriors vs. Jeroentje Tuning BBQ on August 4th. I doubted that fact but Daniël insured me that was the first time.

The reason that I hesitated about it is because the connection between him and the rest of the club members immidiately felt as if whe knew eachother for quite some time already. So at the WW vs. Jeroentje BBQ, Daniël and I made an appointment to do a photoshoot of his car for our blog.

Only two days later we found ourselves on a quiet country road at sunset. Almost a scene from Brokeback Mountain but this time with one of Holland’s most impressive cars.

I couln’t desire for better lighting conditions to shoot in at this location. Daniël bought these Work Meisters S’1 not to long ago and don’t they look georgous in this light?

While we’re at it, let me take you through some of the many upgrades of this Aristo. Daniël installed a 8 pods D2 Big brakekit and D2 coilovers for better handling. No ridiculous camber but just perfectly with the Megan Racing camber kit on the front.

The exterior was repainted in the magical Ice white colour and although white isn’t a real colour it has a little bit of blue/grey flavour in it which I think, suits the car excellent.

Under the bonnet lies the notorious six in line 2jz engine which is beyond anything to joke around with. I’ll elaborate a little more on that later in this post. Daniël upgraded the engine with many first class parts such as the Precision 6266 Turbo…

…which recieves its clean air through the HKS RS intake kit.

To check the combination of all the deadly parts there are a few AEM meters to be alarmed when shit hits the fan. Luckily that hasn’t been the case yet!

We’ll continue with a few specs in a minute but since we’re on a little journey here we arrived at the next chapter: DMPD2013. Daniël was welcomed for the indoor area and was kind enough to grace our little Wangan Warriors corner with the beauty of the Aristo.

Of course the 500bhp masterpiece deserved attention, so Daniël took the bonnet off to display it to the visitors. In this way it also differed a little bit from the other cars in our corner which was a welcome alteration.

At this point we already had Daniël on our radar to become a Wangan Warrior. He showed devotion, respect and friendship to many of us and eventhough he wasn’t spending the night at the hotel, he even made it to the pre-meeting the night before the main event to hang out with us.

Daniël even showed his support to me when I had something we call a hangover. Eventhough DMPD was a day of socialising and meeting new people, I needed some silence every now and then. Fortunately Daniël was too busy inspecting all the little details he could find on all the cars showcased. You’re not buying a Golf right?

It was an exiting day for Daniël at DMPD since the guys from Club JDM Sweden handed out the Nordic appreciation award to him. Photographer Arslan Golić did an awesome job on this article and photoshoot so make sure you check this out!

That brings us to our next stop, DMPD Finest at airport Weeze. An event organised to do photoshoots, hang around, enjoy a BBQ and have a laid back day with friends. Daniël joined us as well and we took the liberty to shoot his car properly.

The abandoned air base is an amazing location to shoot at. You have some characteristic WWII bunkers at your disposal and plenty of nature to mix in for some added colour. We parked the Aristo in front of a bunker and worked our magic during the shoot. We are fortunate to have locations such as these because they add an extra visual joy to the photoshoot and the final results.

The amount of possibilities to frame and compose a shot are endless at this location. Sometimes we’re very fortunate!

I couldn’t leave without a few rollingshots of the Toyota and so we hopped into the DMPD event bus and drove a few laps around on the air base. Soon we were in the bus with four photographers and almost all the present drivers and visitors following us in their car. Quite a cool sight to be honest! And after that it was about it for the events and oppertunities to shoot the Aristo. I was finally able to put together a nice elaborate feature about an amazing car and our newest club member Daniël. I included a spec list at the bottom of the article for you guys to check out.

On behalf of everyone in the Wangan Warriors family I’m happy to welcome you as our (for now) little brother and we are all looking forward to the adventures we’ll have together. Hope you appreciate the feature. You’re one of us now!

-Rens Adams

Spec list of the car.

CP forget piston set
ACL Race Crankshaft and rod bearing set
ARP complete engine stud set
Balanced Crankshaft
Rebuild cillinderhead
HKS slide type camshaft pulley
HKS RS intake kit
Drilled and honed short blok
New OEM engine sealing kit
New OEM oil and water pump kit
New OEM Crankshaft pulley
Suprastore fueling kit, 750 cc siemens deka injectors
Cast iron exhaust manifold
Chargertech 44 mm wastgate
Sound&performance Quickspool valve
Precision 6266 Turbo
Greddy LM spec front mount intercooler
Mishimoto aluminium race radiator Supra MKIV
Mishimoto A/T Koeler
Mishimoto cooling hose set
3 inch custom exhaust

Motor electronics:
Piggy back ECU AEM F/IC 6 ( will be standalone upgraded)
AEM Wideband controller
AEM oil temp
AEM exhaust temp
Apexi avcr

D2 Big brakekit 8 pods 330 mm
D2 coilover set
Torsen MK4 diff
Megan racing camber kit on the front

Upgrade :
Supra r153 5spd box swap
Act heavy duty clutch
Fidanza fly wheel

Repainted in colour Ice white
TTE front lip

Work Meister S1 3 piece wheels
Front and Rear : 18 inch offset 10 j +22

All original Toyota Aristo