Introducing Wangan Warriors photographer: Allard van Grafhorst

(Rens)You’ve might heard the news that our good friend Allard joined our blog team. I’m gratefull to have another talented guy in our crew and I hope you readers will enjoy his work. Have at it Allard!

Kon’nichiwa! Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Allard van Grafhorst, almost 30 years old and a complete car/Japan/racing nut. My passion for cars started at a young age when I helped my dad while he was tinkering on one of his many projects. Thanks to my dad I got a Saturdayjob at the Ferrari body shop at a young age and it was there where I developed my love for JDM metal. Now, I hear you thinking; what has Ferrari got to do with JDM? Well nothing of course. But it was there where I layed eyes on one of the (if not the) first imported Nissan Skyline BNR33’s. I fell in love instantly!

Many years later I started as a FB admin for a well known JDM blog with a big 7. Something some of you will know me from. I started shooting events soon and developed into a blogger for the site as well. It was then when my interest for photography turned into a passion.

My work for 7Tune (guess you figured that out by now ;)…) resulted in a trip to the land where I lost my heart; Japan. It’s such an amazing place! You love it or you hate it but I fell in love head over heels. I can talk about it for hours but not now. ;)

So what are the things you can expect from me on Wangan Warriors?

Well I follow the Max5 races and the Max5 endurance team closely. Max5 is a entry level race class consisting only of NA MX-5’s. Fitted with a big roll cage, upgraded shocks, semi-slicks and more it’s one of the most fun race classes to watch with a lot of great battles.

Of course you can expect the occasional shoot or feature. If it’s interesting you will find it on the blog. If you think your car has got what it takes? Shoot me a message on the forum!

I will also provide you with your dose of tire smoke…

streeto …

endurance …

Time Attack …

and everything in between or over top …

I’ll shoot anything as long as it has to do with any of the above!

I’m very proud to join such a dedicated and talented team and I’m glad that I can be a part of the great Wangan Warriors family. I sure as hell will do my best to show you my A game and keep things interesting.

I will see you soon at a Wangan Warriors meet or give me a shout on the forum.

For now, Sayōnara!

– Allard van Grafhorst