Kenneth’s widebody S2000 – Screaming Vtec

Sometimes you meet people in your life and you just know you are going to be friends for a very long time. Almost 10 years ago I met Kenneth, we were both into the casemodding scene and liked to play shooting games. We got older and we started to like cars. After owning a Honda Civic and a Del Sol, he bought a S2000 and modified it quite a bit.

Kenneth lives (with his girlfriend and son), in a terraced house with a small garage, at the shore of Terneuzen. Every modification to the car has been done by himself in the garage. He has put a lot of time, effort, tears, sweat and money in the car to make as it is today. And everyone who owns a project car knows that it is never finished!

The biggest modification done to the S2000 are the widened arches from Circuit Garage which give the car a much wider look. A job that required a lot of effort but it was well worth it! Kenneth had to cut all the original arches to have maximum suspension travel and perfect stance! The combination of the Cosmis Innerline S2 wheels and the widened look puts the S2000 in a whole new perspective, from a hairdressers car to a aggressive looking track machine.

I like how Kenneth thinks! He’s not following the trends but just builds the car how he likes it! You don’t need a roof which brings extra weight because it never drives in the rain. And the rear bumper catches too much wind so he just cut into it. There are probably some people who think it is sin of the car. Take for example the body and wheel colour choice. Most of the people would never choose this combination but it looks very ballsy!

Then there is the driving experience. I had the honour of driving this car for a full sunny weekend and I have to admit; this is a beast! Everywhere you drive people look at you giving you thumbs up and smile. Equipped with a fully track prepared H&R suspension this thing sticks to the road and is a real joy to drive. With the ridiculous sounding J’s racing exhaust, the experience is complete. When “VTEC kicks in yo” you start smiling and enjoying the 240 unicorns screaming out of the F20C VTEC engine.

The future plans? New wheels, fresh colour or some performance upgrades.. who knows? Well this is definitely a car that we will see more often in the Dutch scene and we’re really looking forward to Kenneth’s plans to make this car even more fun! We hope to see you at our next event Kenneth!

– Stijn van Beek

Bonus images after the spec list!

Spec list:

2005 Facelift engine
Custom RVS intake piping system
Gutted intake OEM box (spoon style)
Spoon Snorkle
Dual Catchtank system
J’s racing 70RR exhaust
Fully wire tucked bay
Full wiring redone.
Mishimoto Radiator – dualslim fan setup
Carbon coolingplate
2007 Differantial
2007 Axles
2007 Propshaft

H&R Monotube gas shock absorbers
H&R 16K front/Rear springs
PowerFlex purple rubbers all arms
Extended Tophats
Camber 3.0 rear With 0 toe
Camber 1.8 front with 0  toe
All new hardlines with ABS delete
Cusco Brake stopper
ITR DC2 brake balancer
DBA 4000 Rotors front
Stoptech rotors rear
Ferodo DS3000 front
Ferodo DS2500 rear

Cosmis Innerline S2 Gold titanium 18″

Bumpercut ‘07 rearbumper
USA spec headlights
Circuit garage Widebody kit
Chargespeed Frontlip
Hoodvents exhaust side

Stripped interior
Cusco 7PT cage With Harnass bar
QSP solid buckets
QSP 4point harnass
JDM Navigation panel assembly
JDM center console
‘07 doorcards with checkered stitching leather
‘07 midconsole with checkered stitching leather
D1spec solid hub/snapoff
Nardi personal Suede/red stitching steering wheel
PWJDM Carbon dash insert