Lifestyle: Captured moments

I just wanted to share a couple of photos and talk a little bit about some special moments of this past year. Moments which weren’t mentioned in blogs or didn’t get the attention needed. Going through my pictures it made me realise that I go to so many amazing places and got to meet great people allong the way and some of them became my closest friends during this past year. Some people reached their goals and some set new ones. It’s no secret that the scene is changing and that it’s becoming more and more serious.

Tim Lust set a goal for himself and that was to tear up dragstrips with his insane widebody Toyota Supra. After he imported it in 2011 he had one bad luck after another and his project was put on hold.

He collected his needed parts to fix all the problems and will shine and kill in 2013. That’s a promise. If we’re lucky we’ll see this monster at our end of year meeting. Keep those thumbs up Tim, you’re a boss!

I guess it’s all a matter of time, effort and heart to reach that what you’re reaching for.

Noud was a little bit more lucky with his s13. We did a full Wangan Warriors member portrait story about this car and you will find the article here.

Johan aka Kaptain Iglo known for the Baracuda, turned countless heads on meetings and events. His Impreza became a much talked subject on all the social media channels.

I met the owners of quite some impressive cars. It’s cool to see a father and son share the same passion for automotive culture like Dave and his dad who ownes this Fairlady.

It also amazes me that people from overseas are willing to travel pretty long to compete in the Dutch time attack series. Bruce Morris is one of those dedicated guys who does. He’s even planning to come to our end of year meeting in November and already has plans for the next time attack season. I think we’re going to follow some overseas drivers for the blog.

Although nothing seems a secret anymore these days with all the social media and sharing across the globe. I’ve never heard of this Mini project before untill I saw it at Fast Car Fesival this year. With a b-series engine built in this light car you can sure as hell count on some crazy performance.

We can all agree that under every bonnet lies a different story.

My personal highlight was that we could be a part of DUMPd 2012. This event was beyond any expectations that I had of it. I whitnessed the emotional, physical and financial commitment of the organisation and can’t verify it enough that it was an effort of great prestige which can’t be surpassed.

This is my buddy Allard. We’ve met eachother at one of our meetings in 2011. At that moment I didn’t have a clue what he was up to with 7Tune and how he grew into the Japanese lifestyle scene out here. All he showed was an excellent devotion to everything involving Japanese car culture and Wangan Warriors. All I know is that he became one of the closest clubfriends in a short period of time.

The 7Tune foreman Adam Zillin travelled all the way from Tokyo Japan to visit DUMPd and see what we are up to out here in Europe. We took him for a trip to the Nurburgring and I can tell you first hand that it was an experience I will never forget. Noud showed him how to drive the track and I showed him some cool photospots. We had fun, we laughed, shared stories, drank beer and drank some more. Adam is a great up standing dedicated guy who will take 7Tune to the next level.

Another crew member of the 7Tune family is Mathieu van den Oever. He’s the man behind some great automotive movies you’ll spot on the internet. He has a busy career but manages to compete in the MaX5 cup and do some cinimatography as well. Antoher dedicated soul out there!

I can’t stress our gratitude to Stickerdump enough for supporting us with our stickers. Because of them we spot our logos and URL more and more at meetings and events.

We’re pleasured to see our logo between some of the worlds legendary communities, blogs and brands.

We like the connection between us, our followers, clubfriends and all the supporters out there. And we can reveal the fact that there is some cool stuff coming for 2013. New plans and initiatives are being set up for you people.

This was just a short story I wanted to share and to show everyone our appreciation for helping us to achieve our goals and set bigger ones for the future.

-Rens Adams