Meeting #11: Sunny Sundays

It has been a long time that we’ve seen the sun on one of our meetings. Luckily, this meeting our beloved fireball was more than present. Wangan Warriors expected around 80 visitors but that number almost dubbled itself. We’ve counted over 140 cars while there were still people arriving at the meeting location. It was nice to see so many enthousiast together and we’ve allready had many reactions about the nice atmosphere and high quality of the cars. That is thanks to all of you out there!

I’m proud of the roadster community in the Netherlands. It’s really growing to higher levels and influences from abroad are inspiring more and more Miata owners over here. Yay or Nay for fenderflares on a roadster?

Or a proper set of Work Equip wheels with no flares? Maybe both, everything is possible.

Let’s take a walk through some stance highlights at the meeting. This Impreza was wearing nice slippers as well.

There was definately no lack of properly lowered Civics.

The proof of that very fact were these two Hondas among a lot of others obviously.

It was hard to find a moment without people admiring this clean Accord. The owner came all the way from Belgium to visit our meeting.

One of the most recognized Fairladys ouf our country. Always clean with excellent fitment.

Where Wangan Warriors is, there is Stickerdump. Always selling the most awesome stickers you can find out there and always present to offer you what you need. Thanks guys!

Allready a known event, DumpD 2012. I’ve seen so many cars with this sticker allready. Make sure you sign up for this event, organized by StickerDUMP. Wangan Warriors is helping the organisation by selecting Japanese cars.

Even some cars which were feature on respected car blogs like Speedhunters showed up. Streetgasm was well represented with Skylines and Evos.

I spoke to quite some people who said that this day showed the true level of Japanese car culture in the Netherlands. I have to say that I couldn’t agree more.

RPM Vision foreman Dennis Kussendrager was present with his time attack prepares S2K. He was also well impressed with the outcome of this meeting. Make sure you check his feature, here.

Freshly imported S15 with a 1JZ underneath the bonnet. You can’t go wrong with that! Nice rear end as well.

R@tch’s rare Suzuki. The Nissan enthusiasts know him from the insane SR20 Sil80 project he’s got going on. This is “just” his car to get round.

Shoes make the man. Rims make the car. I’m glad that car aficionados in The Netherlands are starting to realise that as well!

There’s many of them out there, but they’ve got this special something which never seems to become boring.

We think this picture shows the activity and relaxed atmosphere perfectly!

Fullcartuning also showed up with two of their cars. This very clean Honda Civic and a 350Z on blue Varrstoens.

Classic Datsuns never get old and it’s rather amazing that out of all countries, The Netherlands has got some really mint versions cruising about.

That’s it! We would like to thank everyone for showing up and making this meeting another success. We hope that you, just like us, had a great time and we hope to see you soon at our next meeting.

– Rens Adams & Noud Fieten

Photos by Rens Adams