Meeting: A second look on the Sunset Meeting

So here is the sequal blog post about the Wangan Warriors & 7Tune meeting. We selected a range of pictures to give you a second overview.
Still, Wangan Warriors and 7Tune, can look back on a fantastic meeting at sunset. Due to nice weather, but the most important, because of you!

Without a the great attendance it would have been a sad evening.

Not only car fanatics from Holland were attending, we even had visitors from Ireland, Belgium and Germany!

The Belgium department came with lots of different kind of rides. Varying from a original Acura NSX to a proper Civic.

Forum member ‘Borovan’ appeared with his Nissan Skyline for the first time after a lot of problem solving. My opinion is that the combination of gold coloured rims and the purple body still looks great.

Every meeting we can behold some very good looking Fairlady’s. The blue one with the Seibon bonnet is one of them.

As always, there is a great variation of cars. Although some models out there are already a couple of years old, they still look very impressive.

Even late in the evening Vincent, with his perfect FD, was still there, eventhough he had to drive for two hours.

I hope you all enjoyed the meeting as much as we did and we hope to see you again at our next meeting!

– Vincent Roos

Photos by Vincent Roos