Meeting: End of the Year, beginning of new things

I think we all agree that this day was a succes for all of us. Not only for us as organisation but for every visitor who showed up and had fun with their friends. The day started with quite some rain all over the country but only minutes before official start of the meeting that sunshine came through. Luckily for all of us I guess, I even saw some people walking around in a t-shirt or without a winter jacket. Remember the cold of last years meeting?

Anyhow, back to that bright sunlight. The guys of Ignited contacted us if they could get a central spot at the meeting to honour their close friend Patrick Zonneveld who sadly has passed away. Well as lovers of the community, how can we not honour that request?

I know for sure that Patrick looked down on you guys smiling through that bright sunlight which we enjoyed so much. You guys showed no grieve but smiled back! Again, all our sympathy, support and best wishes go out to all familly members and close friends.

We have the feeling that this day was not only a day to remember but also a celebration of life and achievements. Some people worked so hard to get their cars ready for this meeting.

Tim Lust is one of those guys. His spot on Supra is finally running and we can only say that we are praised with the precence of a Toyota of this calibre at the end of year meeting.

Speaking of calibre. The allready famous and instant legendary GT86 was also present. At the moment of arrival I saw every person with a DSLR and a cellphone following it all over the parking area to snap some shots.

I think it also shows the quality level of the cars present this day.

A regular at our meetings and friend of the club is Freek Kops. Freek sure knows how to impress with his S13. Only two days before the meeting he was ready with the paintjob of his new front bumper and mounted it the day before.

Vincent was hunting down all amazingness at the entrance. I was happy to see this supercharged MX arrive from Belgium. I while ago my buddy Allard photographed it and to be honest, I was a bit jealous I couln’t be there.

It was a nice day for miata owners and enthousiasts. Quite some of them made it to the meeting like the Filthiest Penny of them all!

I first met Patrick Triebl at our 7Tune & WW meeting in Tiel. He has been showing a dedication and support ever since. Awesome to see him again at our meeting.

And this car sure has something special.

It was great to see some cool Roadsters out here and the growth of that community is undeniable.

We lined them up nicely, the owners shared stories, handed out stickers and laughed together.

Again some great memories to cherish and friendships to maintain.

As you can see this photo shows the large outcome of this meeting. The exact numbers are unknown but we’ve counted over 300 japanese cars this day which is just mindblowing and unexpected.

People from Belgium, Germany, England and of course Holland made their way to Oosterhout to be a part of this day.

The people of Team Wabaki have also been showing their support and we think there is a great vibe growing between all these communities.

After a day of sun, exclusivity, enginesounds, respect, honour, and friendship we hope everybody drove home sattisfied.

So wether we had lowered civics, an astonishing Aristo, 650bhp Supra, GT86, a classic Skyline, we all had a great day if I’m not mistaking. Again this meeting made us realize we need to step it up as well for you people. For everyone who’s reading this, we’ve got some cool things coming for 2013.
Keep checking facebook and our blogs for any secret or hidden updates. We’re going to let you people take a guess for it.

A special thanks goes out to the gentlemen of Snackmobiel who provided all the visitors with delicious snacks, french fries and sandwiches! Nobody left with appetite. Feel free to contact them if you’ve got anything you’re organising yourself!

– Rens Adams

Photo by Rens Adams, Vincent Roos & Pascal van den Berg