Mellow Yellow and the art of a clean S2K

If there is one question I get asked a lot it’s this one: “How do you find all these cars to shoot?” Well, the answer is simple: Social media! We connect with people all over the globe in a way that we couldn’t have imagined twenty years ago. For guys like me it’s kind of a necessity. We need it to promote our work or to find some coverage worthy material for our blog. And I think this gorgeous S2K is more than worthy to be featured on our humble blog!

IMG_6157 WW

So when I saw Tim’s S2000 I knew I had to shoot it. It literally was a no brainer so I wasted no time and send him a PM on Facebook. Luckily for me Tim was more than happy to let me do my thing and we set the date for the weekend after #WNGN.

IMG_6308 WW

As Tim lives close to the Vasim we decided to do the shoot there. Because it was the weekend after #WNGN, I decided it would be best to use the spots around the Vasim that weren’t that well known seeing as the graffiti walls where a much used background the week prior to our shoot. Of course I couldn’t help myself taking a couple of shots.

IMG_6207 WW

But there’s more to de Vasim than “just” graffiti. If you have been to #WNGN than you probably know what I’m talking about. The place just oozes with narrow spots, see troughs and street art.

IMG_6212 WW

But enough about de Vasim and #WNGN. Let’s focus on Tim’s jaw dropping S2K, shall we?


The first thing that stands out is the Shine hardtop. I’m a sucker for sporty convertibles but I have to admit that the hardtop gives the car a much more “in your face” presence. It looks more aggressive, more “supercar” if you catch my drift.

IMG_6168 WW

I love the subtle integrated ducktail! In fact, I fell in love with this ass more than once that day.

IMG_6225 WW

Another great addition to an already great behind is the Shine carbon fiber diffuser attached to the JDM rear bumper. Again something that adds to the cars aggressiveness…

IMG_6233 WW

… but that seems to be the theme with this car! Everything that has been added to the car is there to give it that mean look. Thanks to the BC racing coilovers the car sits perfect both at the front…

IMG_6197 WW

… and the rear! A perfect example of Form and Function.
Another thing that stands out is Tim’s color choice for the Enkei RPF1 wheels. It’s a custom mixed brown and it really pops out when the sun hits the wheels! Because black is just, well, black.

IMG_6235 WW

The S2K has a nice face when it rolls out of the factory so all Tim wanted to add was an OEM frontlip. And again, to make it look more aggressive he added a DIY front lip to his front lip because he’d figured people like front lips.

IMG_6229 WW

The sides are treated to another DIY item in the form of “feed style” side skirts.
Another subtle addition that really sets the car of.

IMG_6205 WW

By the way, did I already mention that I had fallen in love with this ass? I’m sorry, just can’t help myself when I see a voluptuous behind.

IMG_6171 WW

So anyway, back to the front. Let’s take a look under the hood! The engine itself is completely stock but Tim doesn’t consider that a problem as the F20C isn’t exactly underpowered. The only mods are a cold air intake and a mishimoto radiator + cooling plate to keep the engine temperature within acceptable limits.

IMG_6184 WW

All in all it’s safe to say that Tim did an excellent job creating a unique S2000 and in my opinion it is one of the cleanest (if not the cleanest) in the country! It turns heads everywhere and only the best has been good enough for this beauty.

IMG_6421 WW

It’s presence becomes even more clear when you see it rolling on the highway. With that bright mellow yellow color, the Shine hardtop and diffuser…

IMG_6361 WW

… the custom painted RPF1’s, the custom skirts, the OEM front lip with added
DIY lip…

Take note kids, this is the art of a clean S2K!

– Allard van Grafhorst

Spec list:

• Complete respray in factory yellow (2011)
• Cleaned OEM facelift bumper
• Japanese rear bumper
• OEM frontlip
• DIY front splitter,
• DIY sideskirts
• Shine Hardtop,
• Shine rear diffuser
• Cleaned tailgate
• OEM rear spoiler
• New softtop (2011)

• Leather console carpet (2006)
• Facelift console (2006)
• Facelift door panels (2006)
• Hardtop strikers
• OEM sos flare

• BC racing coilovers
• Mugen front compliance bushings
• New driveshafts (2006 model)
• Ebay driveshaft spacers
• Unknown strutbar
• Enkei RPF1 17x9j et 45 custom color

Engine room
• Cold air intake
• Spoon snorkel (not installed at this moment)
• Mishimoto radiator
• Mishimoto cooling plate
• Hooddampers
• A4H brakestopper