Misha’s Time Attack Missile

About one year ago, Misha was preparing the large batch of Wangan Warrior stickers at the StickerDump shop to help Inne out. At that time we didn’t have any relation what so ever. He thought we had a pretty cool logo but we both didn’t have a clue  that about one year later we would be following his amazing Impreza project for our blog.

Same story applies for Jeroentje.nl. One year ago Misha was working on the famous teambus stickers of Jeroentje Tuning. Again, not knowing that in a short period of time he would be ‘one of the boys’ .

Let’s take you back to the beginning of this project. Misha bought his Subaru from Thijs with whom he was working with at the StickerDump shop. The previous owner participated in the ModBall road rally with this Impreza. When Misha found out that Thijs wanted to sell his car, he immidiately decided to buy it. Eventually things got a little out of hand. By looking at these pictures, you can’t ignore that ‘a little’ is a big understatement.

At first the idea was to convert this four-door Impreza to a trackcar, ready to participate in the Dutch Time Attack series, but shortly after starting Misha got a really good offer for a complete two-door coupe including rollcage. And this deal was so good it was only little more expensive than the cost of a new rollcage for the four-door, he decided to continue the project on this base. The fourdoor is now outside Jeroentje’s shop to be used as a donor car for parts. It looks kinda sad now, but knowing the parts are being used “for a good cause” makes up quite well.

The coupe was going to be fitted with a full 22B bodykit and to fill the wheel wells properly, he decided to fit a little bigger wheels… The left wheel in this picture is not the spare wheel of the car, but it’s the stock wheel size of an Impreza. Right is the size Misha fitted. These wheels are a whopping 18″ x 9,5 wrapped in  275 wide R888 semi-slicks.

The rest of the car got full prepped for race, which included removing most unnecessary body parts, such as the spare wheel well.

The project took an even more serious turn when there were plans made for a build-up of one of the best Subaru engines. He also wanted to adjust the rest of the driving unit such as a dogbox, custom subframe, carbon axle and possibly a dry-sump.

A lot of the work is being done by Jeroen. But everything regarding the engine is in the hands of Mark Verhoeven. Misha and Mark are in contact with eachother for a while now.

Misha even told us that his ex-girlfriend left him and said to him that he loved his car more than he loved her. With that in mind, Misha thinks he’s on the right track with his project because of that. Luckily he can laugh about it, but this is what we call passion. Girlfriends, stop hating!

This Ethanol Content Analyzer also reveals an important aspect of this build. It’s going to run on different mappings, and this unit enables Misha to run on different fuel mixtures. Since E85 isn’t widely available in Holland, this is one handy device.

Their goal is to reach 700bhp and a carweight around 1000kg.

To achieve these goals many parts are replaced with lightweight parts. Think about polyester doors (-20 kg), front bumper, rear bumper, carbon hood, carbon wing, etc. A total weight of 1000kg is very little for an Impreza with all wheel drive, but should be possible, the way Misha is doing this.

Another goal is to finish the car before the first of April to be able to compete in the Dutch Time Attack series of 2012.

This is also a difficult goal, not only for the four-door, but especially for the two-door since that one needs a lot more work and love, but everybody is trying really hard to get everything done in time. The car will be at Time Attack, but in what form…

Follow Misha’s project on our forum and don’t mis out on anything!