Project Rockin’ Roadster still rocks

Slow projects are still projects. In fact, slow projects are probably the builds with most passion if you ask me. If you’re able to keep a car in your posession without giving in to the temptation of selling all your parts or maybe even the entire car, you’re the right person for that project. I’m talking about Rockin’ Roadster. We’ve given you a couple updates in the past about the progress so I figured is was about time to let you know the latest state of affairs.


There is nothing better than impromptu visiting a few friends. If you miss certain friends at times, get in your car, drive over, have a few beers, laugh and go back home. That’s what we did when we went to visit some friends in Hilversum, hometown of a couple Wangan Warriors. We stopped by at Allard’s workplace to see how his precious steel was doing.


The biggest change is of course the new custom built roll cage. This was fabricated by Allard’s good friend Albin Droogsma who is pretty damn handy with this stuff as you can see.


Next big steps contain mainly custom work such as the overfenders, front splitter, rear diffuser and various other body work. After that, the Roadster is ready for paint and we’re not telling anyone what colour it will be just yet! Too bad right?


I believe these drive train parts can’t wait to have some fresh air again. Sometimes you feel sorry for these car parts which are out of use for a long time but let’s just say it’s all for a good cause. When I see Rockin’ Roadster on the road for the first time I’ll immediately forget about all the time waiting for me to finally shoot the finished project.


As I said the time has come for some custom work but I think there has been some major development and we’re almost looking at a real car here… We’re not going to spoil any ideas or plans because unfortunately some less original and creative people already stole some of the unique ideas of this project so you’re just have to wait and see. Well done on the progress so far Allard!