Raising the bar: Meet the Droogsma’s!

You know that feeling when you witness something special for the first time? It penetrates your senses where it leaves a permanent desire. A desire that needs to be fed, that grows over time. It makes you curious and you start a hunt to feed that desire. It’s like a drug because if you’re not careful it will become an addiction.
I guess I haven’t been careful enough because my desire has turned into a full fledged addiction! 

IMG_5947 B&W WW

So what is that addiction I speak of? My addiction is hunting for JDM treasure. For that ultimate build. That project which is just a little more special. It must have been almost a year ago when Albin Droogsma’s grey JZZ30 Soarer literally took over all the automotive Facebook pages with one single photo. It was a diamond in the ruff but that one single photo gave me that feeling I so desperately desired.

IMG_5995 WW

I got in touch with Albin and it turned out he had build some pretty wild cars in the past. As you will find out in this article, Albin is a master when it comes to fabrication work and welding but more on his skills later! Let me introduce you to the family…

IMG_5937 WW

… starting with the man that got Albin started in the first place; His dad Roy!

IMG_5919 WW

Roy drives this beautiful Faust Bergrenn racer. A work of art on its own, equipped with a fully build BMW 3 liter M3 engine! This must be one of the loudest cars I’ve ever heard in my life but at the same time its also the best sounding car I’ve ever heard.
I really need to start shooting video as well so that you can hear the sound, which I can only describe as eargasmic, for yourself.

IMG_5973 + 5976 WW

I wasn’t lying when I said this car is a work of art! Yes, I know… It’s not Japanese! But to use one of the most famous movie quotes ever; “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!” I just want you to look at this car and appreciate all the work that’s gone into it.
Take the spoiler support for example, which is a master piece on it’s own and fabricated by Roy himself as he wasn’t happy with the original stands. Simply gorgeous!

IMG_5959 + 5967 WW

So it isn’t hard to see where Albin get’s his fabrication skills from. It just runs in the family. In fact, I think they have oil in their veins instead of blood.

IMG_6023 + 6039 WW

And then there’s Albin’s brother Remy! Another guy who’s living proof of the automotive craziness that beholds this family. Because Remy is responsible for the custom fender flares that are bolted onto the Soarer. There are many, many aftermarket fender flares available for cars with a smaller, let’s say 15 inch, wheel diameter but not for cars running 18 or 19 inch wheels! There simply aren’t any or their very, very expensive! So why not make your own?

IMG_6057 WW

I’ve met Remy before at several events and his personal car is another perfect example of what this family stands for; automotive fun at its best! Yes, it is ridiculously low and yes, Remy doesn’t care because he drives it around the ring with this height.
Currently the car runs a stock D15 because Remy has already blown a couple of turbos in the past. But a B18C is in the works so I’ll keep you updated on Remy’s progress!

IMG_5969 WW

But let’s take a closer look at the main reason I visited Albin in the first place!
As is tradition in the raising the bar series you won’t get a complete spec list in the first article but only when the car is completely finished! And unfortunately for you it’s not.
But since I’m a nice guy you can find some specs throughout this article.
On of the thinks that caught my eye was the dash bar that actually goes trough the dash! Quite a nice touch I think. The aluminum steering rod holder thingy (Editors note; I forgot what it’s called, forgive me!) comes from a a BTCC Nissan Primera which not only improves the position of the steering wheel in Albin’s favor but also give a racy, hardcore look!

IMG_5989 WW

When I asked Albin for some specs on the engine he replied with the following legendary words; “It has got a huge snail!” That’s good enough for me!

IMG_5979 WW

If you put everything together you get this! In my opinion it’s the perfect JZZ30 Soarer!
From the Image wheels (18×10 F + 18×12 R) + the Vertex bodykit + the addition custom fender flares + the spartan interior to the perfect stance… I could go on for hours!

IMG_6008 WW

Before I wrap up my article with a special announcement there is one more member of the family I want you to meet; Albin’s daughter Joy! Joy is Albin’s source of inspiration, his muse and for a six year old girl she’s already an excellent shoot assistant / go-kart driver / future Wangan Warriors blogger. Thanks for helping me out with my photo’s Joy! They would have come out a lot worse if it wasn’t for you.

IMG_5957 WW

But like I said, I still have a special announcement. Seeing as Albin has a lot of experience as a fabricator and builder it would be a shame if he kept all that knowledge to himself! So while we started talking an idea sprung to mind! Why not bring his skills to the people without loosing his own identity?


So there’s a new company in town. A company that focusses on a complete fabrication package. You want your car or (rolling) chassis race prepped? No problem! You don’t have the money for a FIA certified cage build by an expensive company but still want a complete roll cage for your daily track toy? Not an issue! Your looking for a special wheel design? That can be arranged in the future as well!
You want all of the above?


It’s all possible at Purple Haze Automotive!
If you want a car you can find in a Autostyle catalogue they’re not the place for you. If you’re looking for a complete custom solution, you’re at the right place! For inquiries visit the Purple Haze Facebook page or shoot them a message at www.purplehaze-automotive.com!

IMG_5915 + 6053

It’s good to see that there are more and more great builds out there but it’s even better  to see new ideas become reality. All in all I can say that it was a great day!

IMG_6005 WW

A great day thanks to some great petrol heads with some great tales up their sleeves…

IMG_5984 + 5985 WW

… and a great day thanks to some beautiful cars seen from all angles of the automotive spectrum but most of all it was a great day…

IMG_6031 WW

… thanks to a great guy, a wonderful father and a beautiful soul! We wish Albin all the best with his new business and you have our full support.
But you will be seeing more of Albin and Purple Haze Automotive on the blog in the future!

Especially since Albin will be building a cage for my own project! ;-)

– Allard van Grafhorst