Review: The blog so far

Let’s see. As mentioned in the year review blog, we’re now online with our new site for less than a year. The year 2011 is already in the past and after telling you a little something about the projects within the Wangan Warriors family it’s time to review some highlights from our blog. We’ve visited some cool events and meetings and have met some interesting people. Let us take you through some of our favourite moments.

The Dutch army’s training camp was used to for one session of the Paradigit ELE rally last year. Over here you see second place winner of that day Jeroen Swaanen in his Subaru Impreza WRC.

Time attacks are pretty fun to watch. The Zandvoort circuit gives a nice scenery on a sunny day to photograph. This is Jeroen of Tuning in his FD during the Japanese Auto Festival time attack session past spring.

The only time we saw Albert Klok Jr. in action on the TT circuit of Assen was at the Automax Streetpower event last year. More action in 2012?

There was enough action to see at the last Time Attack session on Super Sunday. Again a sunny day at the lovely Zandvoort circuit. Lennard Wander was having fun as you can see.

Our friend Bruce Morris is already planning his trackdays for the Time Attack season of 2012. This guy is going to do some real damage on the Dutch track, I promise.

We are expecting a lot of action from these Time Attack titans in this years sessions.

So wether we were hunting for decent stanced Japanese cars…

…or visiting competition races, all the events had some interesting action in store for us.

Speaking of action. There are quite some interesting projects to follow on our forum so we got in contact with some of them to do a photoshoot for our blog. This is a rollingshot of Thomas’ awsome classic Corolla.

Another forummember and friend of the club is Joep. His S13 is probably one of the cleanest Silvia’s out there. Captured in a nice autumn scenery by fellow Wangan Warrior Paul.

This might look like a very clean S2K. Well, it is but it also has a sad story to it. The owner of this Honda and RPM Vision foreman Dennis Kussendrager had some bad luck during his holiday. His car got damaged badly by a hailstorm. Iceballs the size of tennisballs ruined a lot of body work. Luckily Dennis didn’t get hurt and he fixed up his car very well!

Everywhere we went, we’ve met nice people. Jonathan McBrien is one of those JDM enthusiasts who we’ve met at the German Nürburgring. His K20 powered Civic project car is still going through a lot of changes.

This beauty was also spotted at a parking area near the Nordschleife, Dan Timpsons cool ass Silvia. You must love it too! Both of these guys were visiting the German Eiffel just like us. Mutual interest? No, mutual passion.

Even overseas guys like Simon Bradford drove his 580bhp R32 GT-R over here to drive some trackdays.

The list goes on and on of cool cars which we photographed. Jobert Brouns goes all the way with his WRC replica Impreza. The ultimate rally rooter!

And since we are covering everything in and around the Netherlands, we come across a lot of different styles and all of them are great. So wheter we’re capturing a clean FD…

…or a classic such as this Corolla 1200. Each and every other car is unique in its own way.

My favourite car feature was this icon. The Honda NSX. I spent a whole afternoon with the owner to photograph this car in the right way. It deserves a certain level of care and love if you own it, even while photographing it.

One of my favourite shots of Vincent Roos this year. Also a NSX spotted at the Japanese Classic Sunday. A lovely sunny day with amazing cars.

We’re currently following some projects to keep you readers out there posted with all the awesomeness that is going on over here in our tiny country.

We will be visiting some more companies to show you how good the tuning level is of our domestic market.

This article does not come to an end, this isn’t all we’ve done and it surely isn’t going to be the last. In fact there is a hell of a lot more coming this year. We get inspired by all the reactions and nice feedback we have got and we promise that 2012 will be an awesome year for our blog, for our club and for the fans out there. Thanks for all the support.

Who said there is no Japanese car culture over here?

– Rens Adams