Stickerdump does not need an introduction here in the Netherlands. If you’re a regular visitor of automotive events or meetings you’ve probably heard of the name and maybe even bought stuff from their webshop. Stickerdump has been our forum trader and sponsor for over one year now so it was time to pay a visit to their new shop. They’re located on Bospoort 17b in Ede. Let’s take a look inside.

When you enter the shop, you imidiately notice the big white counter with the graffiti style “We love haters” sticker.

The name “Stickerdump” speaks for itself, but not only stickerjunkies are welcome to get their fix at the shop, graffiti artist as well are able to purchase their paint for any of their artwork.

Passing the counter, you’ll find a nice corner to welcome guests and customers. Again you notice not only stickers but a whole lot of other accessory such as hats, t-shirts and fancy number plate holders.

For a while now, Stickerdump has been an official dealer of Fatlace, Hellaflush & Illest merchandise; all the original stuff straight from the U.S.

Inne and Michiel taught us how stickers are made and about the manual labour and patience which is needed to prepare thousands of stickers. The plotters pre-cut the stickers, but every little redundant needs to be cut out by hand.

Over here you see the steps of a sticker being created. You can imagine smaller logo’s or complex figueres are a pain in the arse. But does this work with all their love and passion for you.

It does mean there are always a lot of remains of stickers. This doesn’t go into the garbage bin, but is used for this large stickerball. Started with one piece of left over sticker, now grown into an almost unmovable ball.

This is what it looks like on the work table.

The most known bodywork stickers in the time attack scene are provided by them as well. The recognisable logos. Sticker decoration of this size is only for special cusomers and after consultation.

But the electronic toycars of the team needed this too, no problem.

So with orders from all over Europe, this company is succesful and growing. The shop looks amazing and what used to be a bakery, is now a creative and colourful looking sticker house. They took care of everything, even the awesome parking signs.

To stay updated with the progress, you just need to like their facebook page. They post all the big updates and news on their wall.

We would like to thank Inne and Michiel for welcoming us to their shop. Thank you for providing Wangan Warriors with all the stickers and your support so far. We wish you good luck in the future and we look forward to working with eachother in the future.

– Rens Adams

Photos by Vincent Roos and Rens Adams