Special Feature: The legendary Honda NSX

At the Wangan Warriors End of Year Meeting 2010 there were two NSXes present. I can recall my thoughts from back then. I was thinking that one day if I get the chance I would photograph that car on diffirent locations, with rollingshots and everything that corresponds with a decent photoshoot. Unaware of the fact that less than one year later that wish would be furfilled. I had the privilege of getting in touch with Eric Ooms, a proud NSX owner from Belgium.

As soon as I heard that Eric was intrested in a photoshoot for our blog, I was pretty psyched and needed to check out some locations for the shoot that very next day. Fellow Wangan Warrior John a.k.a. Skippy came along to assist where needed and to drive for rollingshots.

So we found a nice flat road to take some shots. We were lucky that the weather was so nice, it’s a beautifull sight to see the lengendary NSX in action.

With that view and the sound of the 3.2i Vtec engine is an absolute pleasure to witness. The engine isn’t stock anymore. It went tthrough some slight changes by mounting a Mugen intake manifold, other camshafts, Pro Alloy radiator and an extra oil cooler. It now runs about 320bhp.

The front brakes are upgraded with Move-It Brembo GT2’s.

The exterior of the NSX is partly responsable for it’s iconic status. This one has a WingsWest front lip and sideskirts from Downforce. That proper set of wheels are Volk Racing Challenge II GunMetal rims and that will be 18′ on the front and 19′ on the back with Kumho tyres.

Eric doesn’t like the lack of carbon fibre on his car. The exterior got styled with the carbon VIS-Racing bonnet…

…Type R rear spoiler and even the stock automatic antenna was replaced by this small electronic one from a Honda S2000. Well done!

It’s lowered with Bilstein’s and H&R springs which results in a hightreduction of 4 cm. So you can imagine why Eric doesn’t like bumpy roads. You’re damn right!

The stock seats where removed for a set of red Bride Brix II Racing seats…

… and also the steeringwheel was changed for this Momo sports version.

The warm sphere later in the afternoon made the view on the car more interesting. You can look at this lovely scene for days without losing any appetite or pleasure.

After the sun was almost set, we drove to another spot which gives a whole other impression to the car. It gave the Honda a much more agressive look.

The Grand Prix White paintwork is in contrast with the dark industrial environment.

It’s hard to quite photographing an impressive car like the Honda NSX. Like every day, this Sunday also came to an end and John and I drove back home with smiles on our faces. Cars like these make my love for automotive photography even greater and make sure I will stay enjoying it.

I’d like to thank the owner Eric Ooms again for his time. You’re on top of the foodchain with that NSX!

– Rens Adams

Photos by Rens Adams