Spotlight: A Skyline R32 GT-R from overseas

Do you remember Bruce Morris’ amazing R33 which we featured a while ago? Link Well Bruce decided to visit Belgium again to drive the Zolder Circuit and he brought a few friends with him. After a short visit to the mediacenter we found out that we couldn’t photograph next to the track. Unfortunately Belgium media rules are pretty stern. A little bit agravated Vincent and I walked over to the parkinglot. Over there we found a bunch of cool skylines. One of those was owned by Simon Bradford. He’s driving this amazing R32 GT-R. Enought to capture so our smiles where back!

I asked Simon what he was running under the bonnet and after some guessing he opened it up.

The GT-R isn’t running the normal RB26 but a converted RB27 stroker engine with 1000cc injectors and two nismo t04b Turbos. Pretty awesome! It has about 580bhp and 530Nm torque. With that information in mind, you’re probably wondering how it sounds, check out this video: Link

With this set up you obviously need some proper handling. The Ohlins suspension, titanium strutbrace under the bonnet and the whiteline front and back swaybars…

…combined with the six point rollcage keep the chassis stiff.

On the front the GT-R has K-sport 8 pots and the rear 6 pots brakes. The wheels are a set of 18inch tsw thruxton’s with toyo R888 for some decent grip on the track.

As the commander of this battleship, Simon of course did some laps on the Zolder circuit. Here he is on the long straight next to the pitlane. It’s quite a view though.

We didn’t have media acces but that doesn’t mean we weren’t searching for places to photograph from.

Simon captures his own action with this digital video camera mounted on the rollcage.

If we take a further look at the interior we’ll find an OMP steeringwheel, cobra susuka pro seats with 5 point trs harness and it’s unstripped.

The Greddy temperature meters are hidden in the glove compartiment. The rest of the interior in its neat condition kind of amazes me. Except for the broken fan on the dashboard. Well that’s the result of a stiff car on Belgium roads. It broke due of the vibrations.

It’s kind of Simon’s daily when it comes to track driving. He has another project car at home but the R32 is clean and pretty reliable on the roads.

It’s no problem to drive this thing to the Nurburgring, drive a few laps over there and drive it back to England without a brakedown. The dream of everyone!

We thank Simon, Bruce and all the other guys who were at the Zolder Circuit for a pleasant day. See you next year on the Dutch tracks!

– Rens Adams

Photos by Rens Adams