Spotlight: An immaculate Integra DB8

We at Wangan Warriors are constantly on the look out for fresh content for the blog. Often we are on the lookout at meetings or events to pick the cream of the crop for a shoot but sometimes events unfold themselves not as you would expect. In this case I stumbled upon Robin’s immaculate DB8 via Facebook. I saw one single photo and I just knew I had to get this car in front of my lens!

It took a while before we actually had the chance to meet up. Weather was in the way, the car was being worked on or we simply didn’t have time to meet. But in the end we found a date we both agreed upon and Robin knew the perfect place to shoot the car. I wasn’t disappointed!

The car really set of nicely in this brand new parking garage in Nieuwegein. There was a great overview of the garage…

… and some brilliant light as well coming from an illuminated wall!

The first thing you notice about the car is how beautiful it sits on the Work Meister S1’s! Robin achieved the perfect stance in my opinion thanks to Tein Flex coilovers, completed in the back with Function 7 rear arms!

I mean, look at it! Perfect if you ask me!

The looks of the car are supported by some nice technical details. Robin fitted a Tegiwa carbon fiber “Whale Penis” airbox along with a JS-racing header and JS-racing 60RR catback. The muffler is a thing of pure beauty if you ask me. At the moment there’s a Skunk2 intake manifold waiting to be fitted together with a fuel rail and 68mm throttle from the same brand.

The car might look pretty stock but in fact there are a lot of details you might not notice at first sight. The Type-R logo’s where removed for example.

Another great detail are the Muteki SR 48 lug nuts. I love the neo chrome look but Robin likes to switch from time to time so he also has 2 more sets from Work and Muteki in bleu and black. As with any car coming from the land of the Rising Sun you can find Japanese stickers anywhere! A true JDM car is nothing without some original JDM stickers.

The interior remains fairly stock but still you can’t complain with Recaro seats in black (as standard with the DB8) and thick carpets all around sporting the famous Type-R logo. The factory gearknop is on of the best to have ever graced the inside of a car! A set of QSP 4 point seat belts where fitted to hold Robin firmly in the driver seat when he’s going for a ride. There are more future plans for the interior, one of which will be a Recary baby seat as Robin is about to become a dad!

I would like to thank Robin and his girlfriend Melanie for a great afternoon while giving me the opportunity to shoot one of the cleanest Integra’s in Holland! I would like to wish them both a smooth pregnancy and I think that we can safely say that the next generation Honda/car lovers is assured!

Full speclist:

’96 Honda Integra Type-R DB8

-OEM Honda Type-r stickers (removed)
-OEM Honda rode H-logo front (replaced)
-OEM Honda rode H-logo rear (replaced)
-OEM Honda window visors 
-Tinted windows
-Running lights
-Power folding mirrors
– QSP 4point seatbelts
– OEM Honda armrest (not fitted atm)

– Tein Flex Coilovers
– Goodridge stainless steel brake lines (not yet fitted)
– Function 7 rear arms
– Muteki SR48 lug nuts in neo chrome
– Tegiwa 3point strut bar front (up)
– Tegiwa strut bar back (up)
– Blox extended wheel bolts
– OEM Honda Accord Type-R calipers and disks (not yet fitted)

– Tegiwa carbon fiber “Whale Penis” airbox
– Tegiwa cooling plate
– valve cover painted in RAL:5005 (dark blue)
– JS-Racing header
– JS-Racing decat
– JS-Racing 60RR catback
– Skunk2 68mm throttle (not yet fitted)
– Skunk2 intake manifold (not yet fitted)
– Skunk2 fuel rail (not yet fitted)

Rims and tyres
-Type-R Integra 96-spec 15″ white OEM (Michelin Energie Saver 195/55/15)
-Type-r integra 98-spec 16″ white Replica (Michellin Alpin A4 195/45/16)
-SSR SP3 16″ grey 
Current set up:
-Work Meister S1 16″ white (Falken Ziex 912 195/40/16)

Future plans
– Recaro baby seat
– Ecu mapped with launch control, shift light and variable VTEC
– Rear window visor
– Front splitter
– Diffusor
– Skunk2 washers, oilcap, valvecover, VTEC solenoid cover and shoftknob
– wire tuck
– Buddyclub P1 camber kit front and back + extending ball joints

– Allard van Grafhorst