Spotlight: Jack’s Fair Lady

You never know what cars you’ll run into on events, and that’s a good thing. DMPD Finest was no exception. Rens and I had no idea what cars would be there, so we were pleased to see this lovely Z had turned up to the former RAF base in Weeze, Germany.

As we both liked the car, Rens thought it would be a good idea to ask the owner, Jack, if he’d mind getting his car photographed, so we walked over to him and did just that. I think this is something very few car owners ever turn down, and Jack didn’t mind either.

A photoshoot like this was a first time for me, so it was a fun experience and something I could learn from. And after months of shooting solo, it was very nice to have a guy like Rens there with me.

Aside from being a fun guy to hang out with, Rens also is a great photographer, so I can still learn a lot from him. Sometimes I just sneak up behind him, to try and figure out what type of shot he’s trying to make.

Even though meetings are great, the cars are often lined up in close proximity, which sometimes limits your creativity when it comes to the composition of your photo, while still showing the entire car. This was not the case now though, as we had plenty of room to work with.

While Rens and I were photographing the car, Jack was patiently waiting for us to finish, so we could all head back to the barbecue and have something to eat.

The Z is sitting on a set of Work Rezax II’s, 18×10.5 -6 in the front and 18×11.5 -23 in the back. I absolutely love deep dish wheels like this, as they make the car look wider than it really is.

To accommodate the wide wheels Jack had to roll out his fenders. He also chose to wrap the wheels in Falken 452’s, 255/35 in the front and 275/53 in the back. Stretched tyres aren’t for everyone, but I think it works well here.

The wheels and stretched tyres combined with a nice amount of camber, make sure this car is sitting pretty.

Even though the modifications on this 350Z might not be extreme, it’s little touches like the smoked tail lights that clean the car up nicely.

The car is also fitted with a replica of a full HKS exhaust system, and although it’s not the real thing, it gives the car a nice sounding growl, without being too loud.

Sticker bombing is all the rage these days, and while others sticker bomb almost their entire car, Jack decided to do only a few parts of the interior.

This way it’s a nice detail without being too in-your-face.

As we had some long runways to our disposal, we quickly jumped at the opportunity to do some rolling shots. Another first for me and a great experience, as it provided a new challenge. It also was an awesome way to conclude the shoot!

Thanks to Jack for letting us photograph his car and another thanks to the crew of DMPD for providing us with an awesome location and driving us around in their van for the rolling shots!

– Maurice Bergers

Twitter: @MauriceBergers
Instagram: mauricebergers